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  Release Information:

Released Date: May 19, 2009
Record Company: Spring Hill Music
CD Catalog Number: CMD1145
Available Formats: CD, Digitial Download



William Lee Golden
Duane Allen
Richard Sterban
Joe Bonsall



Billboard Chart: #4 U.S. Gospel
                       #16 U.S. Country
                       #77 U.S. Album

When 'The Boys Are Back' was first released,
QVC offered a special edition with a bonus disc
entitled, "Classics".  This is a five song CD containing:

  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. An American Family
  4. Thank God For Kids
  5. Elvira (live)
All songs have been previously released.  Below is the cover.



Back Cover:


Below are some photos inside the CD booklet