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Released Date: January 30, 2007
Record Company: MCA Records
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Available Formats: CD, Digital Download







William Lee Golden         All of disc one & tracks 1-15 of disc two
Duane Allen
Richard Sterban
Joe Bonsall

Duane Allen                    Tracks 16-17 of disc two
Richard Sterban
Joe Bonsall
Steve Sanders


Billboard Chart: this album did not chart

Another greatest hits compilation from MCA Records.
This is a 2 CD set that spans the groups history from
the early 70's until 1987.  You will pay a bit more for
this CD since it's a double CD, but it is worth the money
if you're wanting a good overview of the Oaks "glory days."
As for the MCA compilations, this is recommended as
the one to buy.


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