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  Release Information:

Released Date: September 19, 2011
Record Company: Cracker Barrel
CD Catalog Number: 421804
Available Formats: CD, Digital Download






William Lee Golden
Duane Allen
Richard Sterban
Joe Bonsall


Billboard Chart: #16 U.S. Country Albums
                         #11 U.S. Independent Albums
                         #70 Billboard 200

Of the 12 songs on this CD, 6 are brand new Oak Ridge Boys songs,
including 'Louisiana Red Dirt Highway', which was originally released
by William Lee Golden in 1990.

The remaining six songs: True Heart, Gonna Take A Lot Of River,
No Matter How High, Elvira, Beyond Those Years and Lucky Moon,
have all been recorded previously by The Oak Ridge Boys. However,
they have all be newly re-recorded for this CD.


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