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  Release Information:

Released Date: 1973
Record Company: Vista Records
Album Catalog Number: R-1243
Available Formats: Vinyl







Willie Wynn
William Lee Golden
Duane Allen
Noel Fox*



*this album features songs that were "in the can", or fully
  completed, yet unreleased. This is the only album released
  on Vista Records that contained "new" material. 
  This new material, unfortunately, did not feature the
  current bass singer at that time, Richard Sterban.  Even
  though he is pictured on the cover, his voice is not found
  on this album at all.  It is unknown if the songs contained
  here were leftovers from previous album sessions, or if
  they were recorded for an upcoming album before
  Noel Fox left.  In any case, with the exception of 'Since
  Jesus Came In', all these songs are heard here for the
  first time. Fortunately, they did not end up lost or in
  the "vault".

Back Cover:    (enhanced replica)