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  Release Information:

Released Date: May 17, 1992
Record Company:
Benson Music Group
CD Catalog Number:
Available Formats:
CD, Cassette






Herman Harper                                  Tracks 1-4
Willie Wynn
William Lee Golden                   
Duane Allen
Tommy Fairchild

Willie Wynn                                       Tracks 5-14
William Lee Golden
Duane Allen
Noel Fox
Tommy Fairchild

Willie Wynn                                        Track 15
William Lee Golden
Duane Allen
Richard Sterban



Billboard Chart:  This album did not chart


This is an official release.  Benson had the Oak Ridge Boys permission
to release this CD, complete with a 10 page booklet, eight of which are
an interview with Duane Allen regarding the history of the Oaks, as well
as Duane talking about each song on the CD.




Back Cover: