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    All Our Favorite Songs was released in 1982 by Columbia Records. The Oak Ridge Boys left Columbia in 1976 and had been on MCA Records for about 5 years at this point and had become an international mega success. Since the Oaks didn't set the world on fire with any of their Columbia material, Columbia Records decided to try to cash in on the Oaks success by releasing a compilation album and making it appear to be a "new" record.  Columbia re-released "Rhythm Guitar" to support this album to try to make a few bucks, but the pubic would not be fooled and this album was essentially a flop. 

    This collection does have some songs of note, however.  The Oak Ridge Boys recorded a song in 1975 called "Bringing It Back" which was their first non-gospel recording.  Columbia never released it until this album.  "Joy Comes In The Morning" is a song left over from when Willie Wynn was still in the group, and was never released until this record.  Two other songs on this album were only previously released on a 45rpm, "All Our Favorite Songs" and the incredibly sleepy "Whoever Finds This I Love You".  All other songs on this collection can be found on the three Columbia releases. 

Outstanding Cuts: Brining It Back
Cut Outs: Whoever Finds This I Love You

                                                                                          ---Edward Wille