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    When I bought this CD from a local Christian bookstore, the lady at the register looked at the CD cover, read the title out loud, and proceeded to contort her face into an expression of confusion and bewilderment.  Clearly, for the the life of her, she could not immediately understand how "inconvenient" and "Christmas" could possibly go together.  I knew what the message of the song was, so I found this to be a rather amusing encounter, given I was dealing with an employee of a Christian bookstore.  Just though I'd share that.

    Now, onto the business of reviewing this CD.  I could make this the shortest review ever and just tell you to go buy it right now because it's an absolutely wonderful album.  Even though that is very very true, I'll break it down for you a bit.

    This CD opens up with, perhaps, the most beautiful version of "Winter Wonderland" ever recorded.  The harmonies are rich and full and just entirely lovely.

    William Lee Golden treats us to "Just A Simple Christmas Song", "I Pray On Christmas", and the wonderfully harmonious "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem".

    Duane Allen sings near perfect lead on two outstanding songs, "A Christmas Love Song", and "Beneath The Christmas Tree", with it's fantastic harmonies.

    Richard Sterban delivers his foundation-shaking-capable bass vocals in a most elegant way with "The Christmas Song", truly showing off his profound voice.

    Joe Bonsall truly shines on this CD. First, he sings through Mary's eyes in "My Son" as he recounts the agony that she must have felt watching her son go through the things He had to go through for mankind....a very heart wrenching song.  Second, Joe sings a humorous song about the "woes" we go through at  Christmas time such as shopping and relatives, etc. But despite the humor, he puts it all in perspective, pointing out that our inconveniences pale in comparison to the first Christmas, when God The Son, the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, left His throne in Heaven to come to Earth and ultimately give His life for us.  THAT was the most inconvenient Christmas!

    Finally, besides "Winter Wonderland", the Oak Ridge Boys all sing together on "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" and the CD's grand finale, the majestic "Hallelujah Chorus", sung with wonderful, abundant, perfect harmonies as only the Oaks can do.

    With three other Christmas albums already in their catalog, and each able to stand on it's own as a great album, this CD, An Inconvenient Christmas, is head and shoulders above all it's predecessors.  This is the ultimate Christmas album by the ultimate quartet.

Outstanding Cuts:
This entire CD is truly outstanding
Cut Outs: Ok, let me say it again....this entire CD is truly outstanding

                                                                                                         ---Edward Wille


The only shame with this CD is that it's Christmas, which means that it will be pigeon holed until the holidays, but that doesn't change the fact that this is the BEST CD the Oaks have done to date. Michael Sykes' production is out of this world, and the Oaks have never sounded better. DEFINITELY a keeper!

                                                                                                                                                  ---Kyle Boreing