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    Is this CD really necessary? I mean, c'mon....RCA releases a "greatest hits" CD for a group that has recorded only two albums on their label?  Not to mention, most greatest hits packages contain the songs that were hits, or at least songs that were released as singles.  The Oak Ridge Boys only released four songs as singles over those two CDs (plus a movie soundtrack song), and only one of them was a top 10 hit.  So, at best, there's five songs that should go on this CD.  So, to try to make a few extra dollars, RCA releases this compilation of those 5 singles and 4 other songs that were on those two CDs.  Again, is this really necessary?

    All 9 songs here are good, of course.  You can never really go wrong with The Oak Ridge Boys, as they are notorious for choosing quality songs whether the general public likes them or not, and whether the radio plays them or not.  These songs span their nearly 3 tumultuous years with RCA Records.  The Oaks recorded quality material with them, but the times were changing and RCA did not promote the Boys well at all, resulting in poor sales and sparse radio play.

    The only thing that makes this package unique is that it contains the song, "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration", which appeared on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the movie My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

    One would normally say that you can't go wrong with a greatest hits package, but if you're interested in these songs, you might as well spend a few more dollars and go buy the two Oaks CDs that are represented here, Unstoppable and The Long Haul.

Outstanding Cuts:
They're all good
Cut Outs: no song.....just the greed of RCA and the nonsensical release of this CD

                                                                                                                                                     ---Edward Wille