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    I could give you lots of fancy words and phrases to describe and review this CD, but "Absolute Perfection" seems to sum it up quite nicely. After all, we're talking about one of the premiere acts in country music for four decades, and they are just now putting out a live album of hits from their first ten years as a country act.  What other words could you possibly use?  You have grade A songs, flawless harmonies, and four distinct personalities that each sing their own songs with personal conviction and fervor. This CD is nothing less than a live masterpiece to be enjoyed by every one of the millions of people who were ever touched by the Oak Ridge Boys.

    For those who only know the Oaks by 'Elvira', they will love this live version (as well as all the other songs).  Joe sounds wonderful doing the lead, and Richard sings his infamous non-sensical bass line, perhaps better today than ever before.  His voice has truly gotten better with age. And for the more intense fan who will know songs such as 'Make My Life With You' and 'This Crazy Love', this platter is a virtual smorgasbord of songs that will satisfy any Oaks' fans insatiable appetite.

    Dear God in Heaven please forgive me for what I'm about to say, but I do have one complaint about this CD.  IT'S TOO DAMN SHORT!!!! I suppose that is a good problem to have.  Despite having only 14 songs here, chosen from a pool of dozens of semi hits and bona fide hits, this reviewer really can't complain about the song selection here.  I'm quite pleased.  It is truly an enjoyable listen, and you will be singing along to every lyric you can recall.  30 to 40 years later, the Boys do every song justice, doing them perfectly as the old vinyl played them, or, on occasion, giving songs a slightly different twist and adding brand new life to it.  Very very few acts can successfully do that.

    I will not go into a break down of songs here because it would be rather redundant.  I would continuously say how wonderfully fun and enjoyable each of them are to listen to and to sing along to. So I will submit this: From the opening chords of 'You're The One' to the closing blues tag of 'Bobbie Sue', this album is, as I stated in the beginning, pure, absolute perfection!!!!! (Dear Oak Ridge Boys, please release another live album very very soon of some newer material.  It's really as good as the early material....and don't forget 'What'cha Gonna Do'!!! Thank you!)


Outstanding Cuts: 1 through 14, baby!!
Cut Outs: good luck findin' one!!!


                                                                                                                                                    ---Edward Wille