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    Here we have Christmas album number 7.  And it's a bit of a conundrum I must say.  Despite it being over a year and a half since the last Oaks CD was released, we are only getting a six song CD here.  Despite there being 12 songs on this disc, six of them are taken straight from other Christmas albums. They are not re-recorded or updated in any way.  As a fan, I must say this is a bit of a disappointment.

    The reality is, that the six brand new songs that appear here are absolutely fantastic.  It makes you wonder how incredible this CD would have been if it were 10-12 all new songs, because the new ones here are really something special.  They, perhaps, are some of the best songs ever recorded on an Oaks Christmas CD.

    The first new song is called "That's Christmas To Me." Duane, and his still amazing voice, take the lead here and absolutely nails it.  This is a very beautiful song with some special harmonies. Ace's second song is "Rest In You Tonight." This song is nothing short of a beautiful worship song.

    Joe does what Joe does best, and gives us the definitive fun song that makes the CD worth every penny. "Santa Claus Is Real" is just a pure joy to listen to, and will put a smile on your face regardless of your circumstances. It takes you back to your childhood, and reminds you why Christmas was so magical as you were growing up. Joe's second song is called "Come To The Manger." Again, just like Duane's second song, it's just a beautiful worship song.

    William Lee has one new offering on this disc. "There's Nothing Between Us (But Love Anymore)" is, unfortunately, rather forgettable.  Golden usually shines and has songs that knock your socks off.  However, this isn't one of them. 

    Finally, we have the one re-recorded song from a previous Oaks Christmas CD. In the same vein as "Lucky Moon" where Richard took over the lead vocals from Singin' Steve, Richard takes the reins on "Blue Christmas."  I, personally, love this version.  Richard's voice is so unique, it adds something to this song that you've never quite heard. 

    In closing, I will quote Billy Idol by saying this disc leaves me wanting "More! More! More!" I'm sure the Boys had their reasons for giving us a truncated musical offering here.  On one hand I feel that ANY new music from the Oaks is better than none.  But all this CD does for me is provide an appetizer and leaves me longing for the entree.  Hopefully this is a teaser, and a precursor for a full length CD in 2017. 



Outstanding Cuts: That's Christmas To Me, Santa Claus Is Real, Rest In You Tonight
Cut Outs: There's Nothing Between Us (But Love Anymore), and all the transferred songs


                                                                                                                                        ---Edward Wille