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    SPOILER ALERT!!!  The quintessential Christmas album? Quite possibly so! This is a fantastic platter from beginning to end. With Christmas classics mixed with new material, you simply can't go wrong here.  Besides the fantastic "Jesus Is Born Today" and "Santa's Song" (perhaps the coolest Christmas song ever), the gem of this record is.....on the count of three, all the Oak Ridge Boys fans said in four part harmony......"Thank God For Kids".  This is a timeless classic that any parent can relate to, if not wipe away tears as you listen.

    This record has the perfect mix of classics such as "Silver Bells", "White Christmas" and "Silent Night", and contemporary songs such as "Christmas Is Paintin' The Town", "Happy Christmas Eve" and "Little One".  If you're looking for songs that sing about Santa? They're here.  Snow?  They're here. Glorifying the birth of Christ? They're here.  Something for everyone, indeed, and hard to dislike a single one!

    The Oak Ridge Boys hit a grand slam here.  But what would you expect from a group rooted in gospel music when it comes to a Christmas album?

Outstanding Cuts:
The entire record, cassette, 8-track, CD....whatever....just GET IT!!!
Cut Outs: not a bad song on here

                                                                                          ---Edward Wille


    This album is one of the best-selling Christmas albums ever, and rightly so. With the eternal classic, "Thank God For Kids," as well as the Christmas classics "Silent Night," "Oh Holy Night," and "Silver Bells" and the contemporary boppers "Santa's Song" and "Mary Christmas," this album contains everything to make your season worth while. I even play this album when it's NOT Christmas! DEFINITELY worth every penny!

                                                                                                                                                    ---Kyle Boreing