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    Have you ever seen a fantastic movie, then they come out with a sequel, and it's not quite as good as the first?  That seems to be the nature of things.....EXCEPT with the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas albums!  This is another fantastic Christmas album, chock full of wonderful and beautiful songs about Christ Our Savior, and the holiday in general.

    No one would argue that the Oak Ridge Boys harmonize beautifully with music accompanying them.  But we have never heard the Oak Ridge Boys singing acapella, until now; and they nail the harmonies perfectly.  On the first five songs here, the Oaks incorporate Christmas classics as the intros, and do them with no music, just the instruments that God gave them, their voices.

    All the songs here are fantastic.  There are beautiful gems here such as "The Voices Of Rejoicing Love", "When You Give It Away" and "The King Is Born", which is sung by bass singer Richard Sterban, and it is a very beautiful song, to say the least.

    Other songs of note here are "There's A New Kid In Town", "Christmas Again", and the fun and hilarious "Santa Bring Your Elves", in which tenor, Joe Bonsall, humorously sings about the frustrations of putting toys together and the instructions being in a foreign language! Joe also contributes to this album in the form of writing. He wrote and sang "First Christmas Day"; his touching, heartfelt account of the birth of Christ.

    On a different note, after the somewhat disappointing showing of the previous album Seasons, one may wonder if the the Oaks or MCA thought they could get back on track with another Christmas album.  Well, whether by accident or design, we get another Christmas collection.  Although, this album didn't burn up the charts or yield a smash single such as "Thank God For Kids", it's still a superb collection of Christmas songs regardless.

Outstanding Cuts:
The Oaks are 2 for 2 on Christmas albums!
Cut Outs: on a Christmas album?  wouldn't that be sacrilegious?

                                                                                                       ---Edward Wille


   This CD is full of both classic and modern holiday music, geniously intertwined. The first half of the album is about the birth of Jesus. Each song begins with a classic Christmas carol. The second half has to do with the Christmas season, presents, Santa, snow, and overall joy. Top picks from this album are "First Christmas Day" (written by Oaks member Joe Bonsall), "There's A New Kid In Town" (the only version I've heard of this song with a full band and orchestra), and "Santa Bring Your Elves" (a hilarious tune about parents trying to put their kids' toys together before Christmas morning). Although this album is somewhat harder to come by than their first Christmas release, it is definitely equally as good a CD.

                                                                                    ---Kyle Boreing