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    The Oak Ridge Boys are good at so many things, and Christmas albums are most certainly one of those things!  The Boys return with their fifth (yes, fifth) collection of Christmas music, and this one is an absolute joy, just like it's four predecessors.  On this CD you'll find 14 songs, of which you'll hear Christmas standards such as "Hark! The Herald Angles Sing", "Away In A Manger", "Jingle Bells", "O Come All Ye Faithful", and the spectacular "I'll Be Home For Christmas" featuring the amazing bass voice of Richard Sterban singing lead.  After some 33 years with The Oak Ridge Boys, it seems his voice gets better with every passing year....and it sounds as if it's getting even deeper!!! (if that's possible!)

    Of the remaining 9 songs, you'll be treated to such gems as "Christmas Cookies", which William Lee Golden sings to a tee, and shows his humorous side at the same time; the equally humorous "Uncle Luther Made The Stuffin' ", written and sung by Joe Bonsall; and the crown jewel of this CD, "Hay Baby", an exciting, upbeat, energetic song about Christ's birth.....worth the price of the CD alone.  But you're treated to so much more with the purchase!

    In addition to their normal touring schedule, The Oak Ridge Boys treat their fans to a Christmas tour every year.  Prior to this release, they had plenty of material to fill up a set list of Christmas songs.  But with this CD, they are only making their job of choosing which songs to perform even more difficult, since this CD is chock full of fantastic songs to add to the annual Christmas show.

Outstanding Cuts:
Hay Baby, Christmas Cookies, Uncle Luther Made The Stuffin', I'll Be Home For Christmas
Cut Outs: From Love To Love

                                                                      ---Edward Wille