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    As with the 20th Century Master Millennium Collection, this CD, The Definitive Collection is an entire series of gold and platinum recording artists, which The Oak Ridge Boys certainly belong in. 

    This CD covers the "country fab four" from their first country release, Y'all Come Back Saloon (also first ABC/MCA release) through 1987's Where The Fast Lane Ends, which was William Lee Golden's final recording before leaving the group. The songs here are pure audio delight.  Although there is nothing out of the ordinary here.  All songs have been released before, and are all easily obtained elsewhere. Which, for the die hard fan, makes this a bit of a waste of money.  However, the booklet that is included here does contain some nice pictures of the Boys spanning the years.

    Once again, I'm glad MCA/Universal included The Oaks in this series. However, this is not the best overview compilation to buy if you have to have one. I would look to the double CD Gold if you have to spend your money on a greatest hits package.

Outstanding Cuts:
...that describes all 24 songs here
Cut Outs: won't find any here

                                                                              ---Edward Wille