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     Rather than leading up to my overall opinion, I'll just come right out and say that this is a fantastic CD and you are in for a treat. The Oak Ridge Boys deliver a gospel album here better than they ever have.  From the excellent production, to the great song selections, to the beautiful harmonies, the Boys have a real winner here. This is not a watered down gospel album by any stretch of the imagination. But, rather, an in-your-face, preaching the gospel to you in a very heart felt manner where the listener can feel the conviction with which the Oak Ridge Boys sing. Every song here is a truly enjoyable listen.  From the opening "I'm Working On A Building", to the upbeat "A Mansion There For You", to the slow and beautiful "Show Me The Way To Go", there is something for everybody's taste here, and none of them disappoint.  Released in 2001, this is the Oak Ridge Boys first true gospel album since 1976. After some 25 years, they prove they can still do it like no one else.  Buckle your seat belt for a truly inspirational, spiritual and wonderful ride.   


Outstanding Cuts: I'm Working On A Building, A Mansion There For You, Angels Watching Over Me
Cut Outs: none

                                              ---Edward Wille


    The Oak Ridge Boys left gospel music to pursue a career in country, but their hearts never left. Southern Gospel was ALWAYS a part of their show (and some of their albums). Now, 25 years after they left gospel, they've released "From The Heart," 11 new songs produced by renowned gospel producer Michael Sykes (the Martins, Gaither Vocal Band) and Oak member Duane Allen. The songs are nothing but top-notch! From the bouncy opening of "I'm Working On A Building" to the touching message of "Loving God, Loving Each Other," the Oaks return to their gospel roots and give us an album that truly is from the heart.

    Other songs include "Fall To Fly," a moving ballad about God giving His children room to grow, "I Know What Lies Ahead," the first single (and one of the best southern gospel songs I've ever heard!), and a new, rockin' rendition of the old classic, "Angels Watching Over Me." If you are a fan of gospel music at all, you MUST have this CD!

                                ---Kyle Boreing