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    Despite this reviewers utter distain for overkill on greatest hits compilations, this is one of the finest as far as the Oak Ridge Boys goes.  I have many many negative things to say about the Universal Music Group, but I'll refrain here, as they have a glimmer of "getting it" with this compilation.  Allow me to explain.

    First, this is a great overview of the Oaks entire MCA tenure, minus Monongahela and American Dreams unfortunately. (I believe this has to do with ongoing legal issues with the Steve Sanders estate.) Nevertheless, someone wanting to hear all the hits over the years, this is the CD you want.  You will spend a few dollars more since this is a 2 CD set, but it is worth it.

    Second, my comment about Universal "getting it" is justified by this:  they gave us die-hards half of a reason to buy this CD.  They included Johnny Cash's "Praise The Lord & Pass The Soup" which featured the Oaks on back up vocals. They included "Family Reunion", which was a 45rpm single (although it was released on the Oaks '78 Best Of compilation).  And they even included the Barbara Mandrell version of "When You Get To The Heart" which the Boys sang back up on.  THESE are the kinds of things the real fans want on these compilations.  Now, if they would give us some of the b-sides to the 45rpm singles on CD, all nice and clean and static free, then they would get even more of our money.  Are you listening, Universal????

    Here you have 35 songs of sheer country perfection.  You can't go wrong here. 

Outstanding Cuts:
Its' called Gold for a reason!
Cut Outs: Really? On a CD called "Gold"?

                                                                              ---Edward Wille