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    This CD served as a bit of a stop gap during a three year lull in new studio material.  The title tells you exactly what to expect here.  All of the Oak Ridge Boys CDs released on Spring Hill have had gospel overtones to them (if not full blown gospel CDs).  Even their more country releases have had two or three "gospel friendly" songs on them.  Therefore, this compilation was not difficult to put together since they had plenty of material to choose from.

    Perhaps, die hard southern gospel fans have been somewhat turned off by the Oaks when they release secular country songs.  This release is right up their alley, as we have a CD here that allows you to hear how wonderful the Oaks sound today, yet all non-gospel songs have been removed to satisfy the most finicky of gospel music fans.

    This CD is a joy to listen to, obviously.  It's the Oak Ridge Boys doing what they do best: harmonizing, singing about Christ, and doing so with conviction.

Outstanding Cuts:
Jesus Is Coming Soon, I'm Working On A Building, Did I Make A Difference, Jonah Job & Moses, Angels Watching Over Me
Cut Outs: I Know

                                                                              ---Edward Wille