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    If you've read my other reviews, you know by now that I'm the antithesis of a supporter of excessive compilations.  However, in this case, I actually approve.  As stated in my review of 1992's 'Masters Of Gospel', these songs are cool to have in CD quality at last.  While there are some duplicates here of the afore mentioned CD, there are plenty of first-time-on-CD released songs here.  Again, this release exclusively covers the Heart Warming Records days.  All the songs here are wonderful, as expected. 

    There are a couple of glaring omissions, including 'The Flowers Kissed The Shoes' and 'I Know'.  Despite that, there is plenty here to feast your ears upon.  One thing that is a bit deceiving to a new Oaks fan is the cover picture.  The classic line up is shown on the cover in a modern photo.  However, those four appear nowhere on this 2 CD collection.  As a matter of fact, Joe Bonsall had not become a member prior to the recording of any of these songs, thus his voice does not appear here at all.  Likewise, Richard Sterban was not a member of the Oaks yet for all but one of the 27 songs here.  'King Jesus' is the only place you'll hear Richard's bass excellence. Most songs included here feature the bass singing of the late Noel Fox, and the unmistakable tenor voice of Willie Wynn.

    Overall, this is a fantastic overview of the Oaks gospel music from 1966-1973.



Outstanding Cuts: I think God loves this CD
Cut Outs: to pick a bad song would be blaspheme


                                                                                                                                         ---Edward Wille