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    Here we have a greatest hits compilation and Heart Warming Records trying to make a few more dollars with the Oaks impending departure. What's worse is that Willie Wynn is no longer a member of the group, and yet they are still putting his face on the cover as if he's still there.

    The selling point of this album (and high point) is the previously unreleased live version of "King Jesus".  This song is worth the price of the album alone.  It's full of energy, and can bring the listener out of their seat if they were so moved. This version features the members pictured on the cover. 

    The remaining nine songs are nine of the best with the line up of Wynn, Golden, Allen and Fox.  From "I Know" and "Daddy Sang Bass", to "I Should Have Been Crucified" and "Jesus Is Coming Soon", this is a collection of songs that any gospel music fan can really sink their teeth into.

Outstanding Cuts: King Jesus (live), I Know, I Should Have Been Crucified, Jesus Is Coming Soon
Cut Outs: just the greed of Heart Warming...another compilation and Willie was already out of the group despite being pictured!

                                                                                                                                                             ---Edward Wille