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    Fans of the Oak Ridge Boys have been craving a live album for years.  Well, we sort of got one here.  I believe what fans have wanted was a live concert album from the glory country years.  What we have here is almost as good.  The Oaks perform live in Gaither studios in front of a small VIP gospel music crowd in a rather intimate setting.  But that certainly does not take away from the energy that the Oak Ridge Boys are so well known for.  The small setting allows for optimum sound quality and the ability to capture the wonderful harmonies of the Boys. 

    Being that this was released under the Gaither Gospel Series, the Oaks were confined to their gospel and positive message songs (with the exception of 'Elvira').  However, this is not a bad thing.  Even though all the so-loved mega country hits are absent here, this CD (and especially the DVD) is an absolute joy to listen to (and watch). 

    In addition to the main concert recorded in 2009, there are two songs here recorded live in 1974; "Because He Lives", which has never been released on any album by the Oaks, and "Jesus Is The Man (For The Hour)".  Also, "Jonah, Job & Moses" and "Loving God, Loving Each Other" were both recorded live a few years prior to this concert, but fit nicely here as if they are part of the main show. 

    The Boys perform "Live With Jesus" on this CD, which would later appear on their upcoming studio CD The Boys Are Back.  This version is far superior as it is done slower and with more feeling than what would appear on the pending studio album.  The harmonies on this song are much more powerful here, live, than what eventually showed up on The Boys Are Back.

    This CD is just pure fun, period.  While the message is serious, the band, the Boys, and the crowd just have a genuine good time here.  This is very obvious on the DVD, as everyone in the audience is smiling throughout the show.....especially when Richard treats them to "Oom Poppa Mau Mau" in Elvira!  The power of music is amazing, in that a non-sensical phrase such as that, sung an octave or two lower than most humans are able to do, can make an entire room of people cheer, yell, scream, and smile.

    While this live show may not be the bombastic country production that most fans have been hoping for, it's truly enjoyable nonetheless, and worthy of multiple listens.


Outstanding Cuts: pick'em
Cut Outs: on this CD?  I don't think so.

                                                                        ---Edward Wille