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    Ok, granted, it's been 10 years since the last Heart Warming gospel compilation. But what good does it do to release the same songs over again???  Here we have a collection of 13 old gospel songs.  Several of these have already been released on CD compilations.  However, to this collection's credit, we do have a few songs that are being presented in CD quality for the very first time.  "The Flowers Kissed The Shoes" and "I Know" are the crown jewels of this compilation, as this is the fans first opportunity to hear these songs void of any vinyl static.

    Also, to this collection's credit is the cover.  Although Richard Sterban appears on a couple of songs, and Herman Harper as well, the vast majority of these songs are performed by the line up that you see on the cover (which is basically the cover for the album Light). 

    Once again, as was the case with the other Heart Warming years compilations, Duane Allen, with his blessing to release this CD, has contributed liner notes inside the CD booklet.

    While us fans appreciate the "new" songs that are on CD for the first time, the repeats are really unnecessary.  Give us more songs on CD that have never appeared there before.



Outstanding Cuts: The Flowers Kissed The Shoes (Jesus Wore), I Know
Cut Outs: any song that's already been on a gospel compilation


                                                                                                                                         ---Edward Wille