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    Here you have an album that contains such songs as "Elvira", "Ozark Mountain Jubilee", "I'm Settin' Fancy Free" and "Thank God For Kids".  What in the world could you possibly call it except Greatest Hits 2!!??!! (especially considering Greatest Hits 1 was already used!)  This album contains 8 previously released songs that were all smash hits, which make this collection great.  THEN, you add on two more new songs in "Everyday" and "Make My Life With You" that were both #1, and now you have an album that is fantastic and superb. 

    The two new songs are top notch.  You have the upbeat "Everyday" that will have you singing along in no time.  Then you have the slow, melodic ballad, "Make My Life With You" with beautiful harmonies.

    The one odd inclusion on this album is "Beautiful You" from the Together album, which came out prior to the first greatest hits album.  One may wonder why this song was included here and not a song like "I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head", which was released in the time frame between greatest hits packages. The answer is unknown, and quite frankly, unimportant, as the Oak Ridge Boys have a plethora of songs that could end up on numerous greatest hits packages.

    If you're a country music fan, you should be familiar with this album because it should be in your record collection.  If it's not, then get it!  This album is a lesson in how the big boys do it!!

Outstanding Cuts: Everyday, Make My Life With You
Cut Outs: try to find one, I dare you!
                                                                                                 ---Edward Wille

    This album showcases the Oaks at their peak in the mid-80's. It features such favorites as "Love Song," "American Made," and the touching "Thank God For Kids," as well as their signature tune, "Elvira." It also features the previously-unreleased songs "Everyday" and "Make My Life With You." It's a definite must for any Oak Ridge Boys fan (or any fan of country music as a whole!).

                                                                                        ---Kyle Boreing