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    You knew it was was just a matter of time! Yes, the hit parade just keeps on comin'!  The Oak Ridge Boys continue to tear up the charts with every song they release.  Hit after hit, they just can't do anything wrong.  Therefore, there was no way to possibly stop after two greatest hits's comes the third collection, and rightfully so.  Despite having a major member change a couple years prior to this release, the Oak Ridge Boys continue to release quality songs with their awesome harmonies, and the fans still love them.

    This collection mostly features songs from 1985-1988.  However, the song "Bobbie Sue" is thrown in here.  Yes, it was a smash hit, but was released prior to Greatest Hits 2, and seemingly should have been included there.  But no worries, it's a fantastic song, and enhances this already magnificent album.  Also on this album is a brand new song entitled "Take Pride In America", which is part of a campaign to keep America clean and beautiful.

    Also worthy of noting here is the fact that even though the song "True Heart", from Heartbeat, appears on this album, this is not the same version.  "True Heart" was newly re-recorded for this collection. As the Oaks performed this song live, it changed a bit, and became better than it originally sounded.  Thus, the reason for this newly recorded version.  The version on this greatest hits package is far superior to the original version on Heartbeat.

    You cannot go wrong with this album in your collection. It's (only) 10 songs of pure country bliss, delivered by the Oak Ridge Boys like only they can.

Outstanding Cuts:
Cut Outs: who in their right mind would put a bad song on a greatest hits record, Chummy??

                                                                                                                                                     ---Edward Wille


    As the liner notes say, very few acts are lucky enough to make it to a Greatest Hits album, let alone THREE Greatest Hits albums, and this album proves why the Oaks have such longevity. This is the only album that I know of where you can hear both William Lee Golden and Steve Sanders on the album (which displays the Oaks' transition period between singers well). Key picks on this CD are "Bobbie Sue," their 1982 smash, "Little Things," and "Bridges and Walls." Also included is "Take Pride In America," a song that fits very well today.

                                                                            ---Kyle Boreing