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    The Oak Ridge Boys continue to feature a different "theme" with each new Spring Hill release.  This time around we have a bluegrass flavor to the new material.  This is almost The Oak Ridge Boys unplugged, of sorts....and they pass this test with flying colors!  For the most part, this CD is just pure, foot tappin', sing-a-long fun.

    This CD opens with the best song of the disc "Train, Train".  This very upbeat bluegrass gem features fantastic harmonies all the way through, and you WILL be singing it before it's all over!  Next, Duane Allen sings about "Someplace Green". A wonderful, peaceful song in which Ace's smooth lead vocal only adds to the calming effect of the song.  Third, we have the CDs first single, "Bad Case Of Missing You". This excellent William Lee Golden song is a fun number that also begs you to sing along, and has some nice bass fill-in vocals that allow Richard an opportunity to shine.

    Despite the fun atmosphere that surround most of these songs, and the Oaks are clearly having fun here, this CD contains possibly the two most depressing songs that they have ever recorded. Joe Bonsall sings about the horrific Alzheimer's disease in "Saving Grace".  Even though musically, this is a great song, the lyrics are so sad and depressing, you question if you really ever want to listen to it again.  Duane Allen sings "My Girl Friday" that deals with the sad reality of divorced parents, where a little girl gets to stay with her daddy during the weekend. But both face the heart breaking reality that they must part company on Sunday.  Again, very sad lyrics set to a very beautiful melody.  Both songs could have the listener drying their eyes.

    Between the acoustic guitar, the mandolin, the violin, and the snare drum played with brushes, this is The Oak Ridge Boys like you've never heard them before, but always wish you had.  Believe me when I say, for a good time time call 1-800-THE-JOURNEY!!!


Outstanding Cuts:
Train Train, Bad Case Of Missing You, Goin' Against The Grain, That Ole Gravel Road Was Easy Street, Someplace Green
Cut Outs: I Love You So Much It Hurts

                                                                      ---Edward Wille