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    Time Life Music in conjunction with the Country Music Hall Of Fame have put out a series showcasing "legendary country singers."  Obviously, The Oak Ridge Boys are, and should be, a part of that series....that's as plain as the nose on your face! Not including the bonus track, you have 22 songs of pure four-part harmony, country perfection, done like only the Oak Ridge Boys can. From 1977's "Y'all Come Back Saloon" to 1991's "Lucky Moon", you are sent on a 14 year musical journey with some of the finest ear candy your auditory system will ever encounter! 

    This CD features a 20 page booklet with extensive liner notes and many pictures through the years.  With all of the artists included in this series, it would have been easy to put together a second class package with no extras. However, we have a CD and booklet here that was carefully put together, and done well. 

Outstanding Cuts:
...they are legendary country singers....all these songs are gems!
Cut Outs: won't find any here

                                                                              ---Edward Wille