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    This is really a quality effort by The Oak Ridge Boys, even though radio and the general public didn't get it.  Between the publics' tastes changing, and the lack of promotion that RCA Records did for the the Oaks, this album was doomed.  This is truly a shame because there are a lot of really good songs on this CD.

    "Fall", the CD opener, is a great song sung by Duane Allen, as well as the beautiful ballad "Where Can I Surrender", and the upbeat treat "Fear Of The Flame".

    Another highlight of this disc is Richard Sterban's lead vocal inclusion here, "Stay With Me". This is a rare upbeat number sung by the bass man, and it is a great song that works very well with his signature voice.

     Joe Bonsall's lead tenor is surprisingly quite absent from this recording, as he only has one song here in "Come On Rain", an upbeat hand clapper that he clearly had fun singing.

    Steve Sanders, in a change of pace, does not have a single from this CD.  This is the first time since 1987 that his soulful voice was not featured on an album single.  His best song here is "Standin' By The River". 

    The single "Fall" marks the first time at least one album single did not break the top 20 since 1976.  This has everything to do with the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph above, and nothing to do with the material here, as the Oak Ridge Boys have a great collection of songs on this disc that would be a welcomed addition to any country collection.

Outstanding Cuts:
Fall, Where Can I Surrender, Stay With Me, Fear Of The Flame
Cut Outs: Until You're Back In My Arms Again

                                                                                                                                                     ---Edward Wille