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    If you're looking for a high energy Oak Ridge Boys album, you need to look elsewhere!  This CD is exactly what it says it is....Hymns.....very laid back, calm, relaxing, sometimes rather sleepy, hymns.  I would not recommend operating heavy machinery while listening to this CD.  That is not to say this CD is unenjoyable in any way, shape or form.  Quite the opposite is true.

    The CD starts off with a wonderful version of "In The Sweet By And By".  The Oaks beautiful harmony is well intact here and sets the tone very nicely for the rest of the album. Although the majority of this release is very relaxed hymns, life is interjected in a couple of tracks.  "There Is Power In The Blood" and "Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee"  are the "upbeat" songs here. The latter of the two is a stellar track that features Joe Bonsall, who sings this song with much fervor and conviction.  It's a very enjoyable song.

    William Lee Golden does a beautiful, emotional rendition of "Time Has Made A Change In Me".  This version of this song is far superior to any version that the Oaks have recorded in the past....also very enjoyable.

    The thing that stands out on this CD the most is not a particular song, it's Duane Allen's voice.  Duane's voice sounds superb on this CD.  Not that he has sounded sub par on recent releases, he just sounds fantastic throughout this album.  It's probably his best vocal performance since 1999's Voices.

    The low point of this CD in this reviewer's opinion is this new version of "Just A Little Talk With Jesus".  Any long time Oak Ridge Boys fan is well aware of the high energy version that they have done throughout the years.  That is NOT the case here.  This version has been slowed down to half-speed at best and just kinda leaves you wanting.

    Overall, the Oaks deliver here, as usual, and give fans a high quality product. 


Outstanding Cuts: In The Sweet By And By, I Love To Tell The Story, Time Has Made A Change In Me, Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee
Cut Outs: Hold To God's Unchanging Hand, Just A Little Talk With Jesus


                                                                                                                                                    ---Edward Wille