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    The phrase "You can't win'em all" is the first thing that comes to mind with the album Seasons. For the first time in many years, the Oak Ridge Boys have released an album that does not have at least one definitive smash hit on it.

    Seasons comes at an interesting (for lack of a better word) time in the Oaks career. The group has been releasing at least one, often two albums a year for over ten years. They have been touring non-stop for the same amount of time, selling millions of records, making millions of dollars, having their egos stroked by everyone in the business, and dealing with personal conflicts within the group.  When you add all this together, it can be difficult to maintain focus and release the best collection of songs possible.

    Despite Ron "the hit maker" Chancey producing the Oaks once again, Seasons is an album that leaves the listener wanting.  The only real radio friendly song on this album is "Juliet", yet it seems to lack the Oak Ridge Boys magic for whatever reason, possibly some or all of the ones listed above.

    Although this isn't the barn burner that the fans are used to, this album is not without it's high points.  The afore mentioned "Juliet" is a very fun song. "What You Do To Me" is a catchy sing-a-long song. And William Lee Golden sings the sentimental gem "Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz)".

    Within the remaining songs, you will find some that are decent and others that are a bit humdrum. However, despite song writing quality, the Boys voices are beautiful here as usual, with full, rich harmonies.  Hopefully, this album will be like a fine wine and get better with age. But at the moment, it leaves this reviewer a bit cold.

Outstanding Cuts: Juliet, Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz), What You Do To Me
Cut Outs: What Are You Doing In My Dream, Don't Break The Code

                                                                                                                                   ---Edward Wille