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    Writing reviews for the Oak Ridge Boys' albums is becoming difficult to do. How many ways are there to say an album is great without sounding redundant?  Nevertheless, I will break out my thesaurus and attempt to come up with some synonyms for 'great', 'wonderful' and 'fantastic' in order to describe yet another stellar offering by the Oaks.

    This album starts off with the colossal William Lee Golden lead, "Touch A Hand, Make A Friend". This song has hit written all over it, and will have you singing along in no time.  Golden also shines in the tremendous tune "Roll Tennessee River", full of stupendous harmonies.

    "Love Is Everywhere" and "Staying Afloat" are very overlooked songs that are also strong sing-a-long tunes with very catch choruses.

    The incredible "Little Things" and "Step On Out" are stellar songs sung by Joe Bonsall; the former sure to be a hit for the Boys.

    Duane Allen offers the very 80's, electronic, synthesizer-laden hit "Come On In (You Did The Best You Could Do)" and the very drab "Class Reunion".

    Despite a couple of mundane songs here, this is a very strong record.  The Oak Ridge Boys continue to find quality songs to record and regularly find themselves at the top of the charts.

Outstanding Cuts: Touch A Hand Make A Friend, Love Is Everywhere, Roll Tennessee River, Little Things
Cut Outs: Ophelia, Class Reunion

                                                                      ---Edward Wille