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    And this collection proves that gospel label or secular label, all things remain the same in business.  Heart Warming releases this ridiculous double album compilation that features, yet again, Willie Wynn on the cover, and he's not been a member of the Oak Ridge Boys for about a year! What's worse, is this 20 song compilation features songs that utilize six different members, not just the four on the cover.  This is a sneaky trick by Heart Warming to attempt to pass this off as a "new" album to the casual fan in order to make a few extra bucks off the exiting Oak Ridge Boys.

    All in all this compilation covers the years 1968 through 1972, and contains some very good songs, of course.  It just a shame that two greatest hits compilations are put out by Heart Warming before the Oaks can release any new material on their new label.

Outstanding Cuts: some great gospel here
Cut Outs: read the above review!

                                                                                 ---Edward Wille