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    The Oak Ridge Boys continue their outreach to a more youthful audience with Talk About The Good Times.  In fact, their young blood shows in the first cut, Get Together, as they introduce the brotherly love themed pop hit to the southern gospel realm.  

    This album is rich in its variety of musical styles, from pop (Get Together) to country (I Don’t Regret A Mile) to southern gospel (Jesus Took Care Of It All), unified by a positive gospel message throughout.  Cut #6, Too Late, is a good old fashioned Southern Baptist if-you-died-tonight-would-you-go-to-Heaven altar call.  Noel Fox’s smooth vocal and introspective delivery on The Son Shines Down On Me and The Saviour’s Love prove that if Sinatra had been a bass, he would have been Noel Fox.  Nobody injects more passion into their singing than Duane Allen, as you’ll hear on Soul’s Harbor and Oh How Much He Cares For Me.  And of course the song Talk About The Good Times won the Oaks a Grammy that year. 

    While many contemporary gospel groups’ recordings from that era sound a bit dated now, The Oak Ridge Boys’ music stands the test of time.


Outstanding Cuts:  Get Together, Try A Little Kindness, Oh How Much He Cares For Me, Talk About The Good Times
Cut Outs: None


                                                                                                                                                                                        -Rick Forshee