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    The Oak Ridge Boys return to form here with their first full country release since the return of William Lee Golden, and they do not disappoint!!  This CD is fantastic, plain and simple. The production here is top notch, which allow you to distinctly hear each of the members clear and unmistakable.

    Duane Allen shines in the opener "Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down".  The opening acapella vocals in four part harmony let you know right off the bat that you're in for a real treat.  Duane continues to shine in the next two songs as well; the ballad "Where The Sun Always Shines" and the up tempo hand clappin' foot stomper "Deep In Louisiana", where Richard Sterban shows off his bass ability.

    William Lee Golden, who had nothing to prove, did it anyway by singing his heart out on "Lady My Love" and "Old Hearts". The mountain man showed everybody he was back exactly where he belonged...singing country songs like only he can do with the Oak Ridge Boys.  These are both wonderful songs.

    Joe Bonsall contributes here with a song called "Perfect Love", which the Oak Ridge Boys have had under wraps for about 10 years.  This song first appeared when they sang it live on television in 1990, and the lead vocal was handled by Steve Sanders.  It was never officially released until now.

    Richard Sterban closes the album with a beautiful song called "If All I Had Left".  He shows off his sub woofer voice in all its splendor.

    The dynamite track on this CD is "Ain't No Short Way Home".  This was the only single and video released from Voices.  It made very little impact, peaking at number seventy-one, and this is unfortunate, as this is a tremendous song.  If The Long Haul didn't signal that the Oak Ridge Boys glory days had passed, this radio snub was the glaring reality that the Oaks were yesterday's news in their eyes.

    Voices is a multi-faceted treat.  Obviously, Oak Ridge Boys fans will love it. But so will any country music fan and southern gospel fans who appreciate true and pure four part harmony.  Voices is a very underrated and oft' overlooked CD in the Oaks catalog.


Outstanding Cuts: Ain't No Short Way Home, Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down
Cut Outs: New Orleans

                                                                                                                                 --- Edward Wille