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American Made Lyrics


Love Song


Tell you why I called on you
This is what we're going to do
Take this lovely gift of love
Sent to us from Heaven above
I said baby I think that we can help each other see (oh yeah)
We'd make this life that we're living seem more like it's supposed to be

Well ev'ry man should have a good woman
Ev'ry woman should have a good man
Won't you stand along beside me
Let me do the best I can
Take each other's heart in hand

I want to sing just a little love song
I want to sing for a little while
Back up and tow the line for you
I want to be your all in all

Bless you babe, I love you so
Love from whom all blessings flow
Me to you and you to me
This is how it's going to be
I said baby we're gonna know the joy the years can bring (oh yeah)
And every time I think about it I just want to lift my heart and sing (on more time)



She's Not Just Another Pretty Face


I was just looking her over
Caught her smile and angel eyes
Knew I'd be seein' more of her that night
Now her head's laying on my shoulder
And my heart's in total surprise
I've come to see her in a different light

She's not just another pretty face
She's a river running deep
She's got dreams that take her any place she want to be
Look at her, you'd never guess
There's so much that doesn't show
She's not just another pretty face, oh no

The woman I discovered, she goes the extra mile
For someone she really cares about
And every day I love her
It's one joy after another
I'm getting to know her inside out




Gimmie your hand, it's so good to see you
Where have you been all this time
The block's sure changed some since you been gone
C'mon by and have a little wine

I remember the last time that I saw you
You were just another skinny kid
You always told me you'd grow up a lady
I didn't think you would but it seems you did

Amity, I gotta tell you
But don't you dare to laugh out loud
You know I loved you the way that only kids do
But nothing like the way I love you now

Do you remember Ma, she thought highly of you
It's been two years now since she's been gone
But we still got Pa, it'd make him happy if you'd come by
You were the dream he had for his son

Let's make the time to wine and dine at Frank-O's
I bet you all the heads will turn
But there is no way I'm gonna lose you little lady
You've become a part of me, you're my concern



You're The One

I tell some of my friends about you almost every day
It's out of my character to go on and on this way
But the more I talk about you the more I find to say about you

You, you're the one who makes it all worth while

I look for a word so I can tell you how I feel down deep inside
Now the days past by and my tongue's still tied
The more I seek expression the more it seems to hide

You, you're the one who makes it all worth while

I tell about all my friends about you and how you helped me change my style
How you bring back stillness to my troubled soul
And give me all the strength I need to go that extra mile

You, you're the one who makes it all worth while



Down The Hall


I've never been to the islands where the palm trees grow so tall
I've never been teased by that sweet ocean breeze
But I've been down the hall

I've never been to Paris, or even to Niagara Falls
But that's alright, 'cause oh, the night
That I've been down the hall

Down the hall, sweet Joanna
Down the hall is paradise
Oh you wouldn't believe the things I see
When she turns out the lights

People have gazed and wandered upon the great China wall
But I can honestly say from right where we lay
I haven't missed a thing at all
'Cause I've been down the hall

Some say they cannot imagine
Believin' in a world so small
They don't know the places I go
When I go down the hall



American Made


Seems everything I buy these days
Has got a foreign name
From the kind of car I drive
To my video game
I got a Nikon camera
A Sony color TV
But the one that I love is from the U.S.A.
And standing next to me

My baby is American Made
Born and bred in the U.S.A.
From her silky long hair to her sexy long legs
My baby is American Made

She looks good in her tight blue jeans
She bought in Mexico
And she loves wearing French perfume
Everywhere we go
But when it comes to the lovin' part
One thing is true
My baby's genuine U.S.A.
Red White and Blue



Any Old Time You Choose


I fell in love the first time I saw you
You were standing in the light
And the clothes you wore sure fit you right
They made every little line drive me right out of my mind

I was so weak I couldn't speak
I couldn't find the words to say
Oh babe you sure blew me away
So I got your number from a friend
I couldn't say it all right then
Here is what I wanted to say

Any old time you choose
I'll be right here waiting for you
I've got to see her if it's the last thing I do
Any old time you choose

Thank God for phones, we'd be alone
I know the perfect place to meet
And the atmosphere is so discreet
Let me say what's on my mind
This isn't just another line

You pick the time you pick the place
I'll do anything at all
Oh babe that's why I made this call
You just tell me where to be
The suspense is killing me
Well girl what have we got to lose



Heart On The Line (Operator, Operator)

I thought it over how it's come to this
I must have lost all my common sense
I've been chasing a dream
Running through my mind
I called her up to say how I felt
But just before I could get it out
She was gone, silence was on the line
I didn't hear a word she just hung up the telephone

Oh operator, operator, would you be so kind
As to reconnect my number, I just spent my last dime (my last dime)
She put my love on hold and my heart is on the line

Well I was always just one step ahead
Yet close enough to keep my fingers wet
I've been actin' to fool no one but myself, yes I have
Well I'm willin' to talk if you're willin' to hear
The choice of words is my biggest fear
I'd say anything just to change your mind
You've got my love on hold and my heart is on the line

Oh operator, operator, would you be so kind
As to reconnect my number, I just spent my last dime (very last dime)
She's got my love on hold and my heart is on the line

Oh operator, operator, would you be so kind
As to reconnect my number, I just spent my last dime (one nickel at a time)
She's got my love on hold and my heart is on the line



You Made It Beautiful


If this is love I've never been in love like this before
No one's ever touched me as deeply as you
And here you are beside me in the darkness of the night
Sharing one another so completely
And I can't let go until you know

You made it beautiful
I'm not ashamed to talk this way, I'm not ashamed to say
You made it beautiful
Waited so long all of my life just for tonight

I can't believe everything I feel
You're feeling too
Every part of me is part of you, it true
I can't let go until you know



I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today


There were times I remember had to fight just to hold my head up
Those times that even my friends tried to make a fool of me
There were things that my heart looked at that they just couldn't see

Some said I was hopeless
Mind tangled in the night
Strong hearts just keep goin'
That is why I'm standing here today

Come together raise up your voices
This time I saw the love and light won't go away
I'll sing forever here in the sunshine
I've lived to see the sun break the storm
I'm so glad I'm standing here today

If you're lost in your troubles and the world just seems to forget you
If you'll remember sunshine even in the darkest day
And you follow what your heart says I know you'll find the way