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Dance With Me Lyrics

Lyrics listed here are only of those songs that featured The Oak Ridge Boys



Make Mine Polka


Make mine polka my feet want to dance
I love to polka party every time I get the chance
I wanna shout "Les globi on!" lift my spirits high
Make mine polka it's polka party time

Tonight that silver eagle will be rolling into town
Young and old will gather at the hall from miles around
We'll roll out the barrel and polish up the floor
And when the band begins to play they'll be comin' through the door

Border to border from the east coast to the west
They're stirrin' up the sounds of the music we love best
Can't help but get excited when there's magic in the air
It's so good to get together with friends from everywhere



May All Your Dreams Come True


I look at you here in my arms
And I know that dreams come true
Tonight life is sweet and my dreams complete
So I offer this prayer just for you

May all your dreams come true
May life be good to you
May happiness follow you your life through
And may all your dreams come true

Someday you'll dream of a family
And children of your own
Perhaps you'll sit in the same rocking chair
And sing your baby this song



Ordinary Girl


She's just an ordinary girl, she sets my heart a-whirl
Her simple way just suits me to a tee
She's always a lady, she's uncomplicated
She should be in a fashion magazine

She's just an ordinary gal, she's my lover she's my pal
A walkin' talkin' livin' doll indeed
An angel in disguise and when she rolls those eyes
She thrills me with her sweet simplicity

Sometimes she wears her hair up in curlers
You should see her when she lets her hair hang down down down
Her little toes get cold in the winter
But the rest of her is warm the whole year 'round

She's just an ordinary girl, don't wear diamonds, don't wear pearls
A sparkling personality
She know how to please me, she knows how to tease me
With her charm and originality
I love that special girl, that ordinary girl
She'll always be the only girl for me





Loretta, every night I dream of you
Loretta, won't you let those dreams come true
You thrill me with your kisses so divine
My heart wants for you, Loretta please be mine



Wasn't That A Party


Could-a been the whisky, might-a been the gin
Could-a been the three or four six packs, I don't know
But look at the mess I'm in
A head like a football, I think I'm gonna die
But tell me, me oh, me oh. my
Wasn't that a Party?

Someone took a grapefruit, wore it like a hat
I saw someone under my kitchen table talking to my old tomcat
Talkin' about hockey, the cat was talking back
Along about then everything went black
Wasn't that a party

It sure it's just my memory
Playing tricks on me
But I think I saw my buddy
Cuttin' down my neighbors tree

Bill and Joe and Tommy
Well they went a little far
They were sitting in my back yard
Blowing on the siren
From somebody's police car

And so you see Your Honor
It was all in fun
That little bitty track meet down on main street
Was just to see if the cops could run
They run me in to see you
In an alcoholic way
 I sure can use those thirty days
To recover from the party