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From The Heart Lyrics



I'm Working On A Building


Well Iím working on a building
It's a true foundation
I'm holding up the blood-stained
Banner for my Lord
Well I never get tired, tired, tired working on the building
I'm going up to Heaven, oh Lord, to get my reward

Well if I was a sinner, let me tell you what I would do
Well I'd quit all my sinning
And work on the building too

Well if I was a preacher, let me tell you what I would do
Well I would keep on preachin'
And work on the building too



Show Me The Way To Go

Looking back now I can see me yesterday
In places I used to know
Crossroads everywhere
But there was no one there
To show me the way to go

Following your dreams you're bound to make wrong turns
Dreamers learn hard and slow
I need your guiding light to be my second sight
And show me the way to go

If I go astray when crosswinds to blow
Come into my heart
And show me the way to go



I Know What Lies Ahead


This road I'm on is strait and narrow
But it leads to a better home
It was laid by Christ one day at Calvary
While He suffered all alone
This road may lead over many high mountains
And valleys dark and low
But I'll walk each day with sweet assurance
And Iíll safely reach my home

Ahead there's joy and gladness
And rest for the weary soul
Ahead there's peace and contentment
Everybody will be happy and whole
I'll be at home with Jesus
Where tears will never be shed
Though often this road gets rough and rocky
Still I know what lies ahead

While on this road I get so weary
And often my feet would stray
But a gentle hand still leads me onward
And helps me find the way
As I climb each hill and cross each valley
By His hand I'm daily lead
But I won't look back gonna keep on walking
For I know what lies ahead



Fall To Fly

She moves her tiny baby closer to the ledge
The mother eagle knows it's time for him to leave the nest
And he is free falling, discovering new wings
And as the rocks rise up to meet him he feels his mother underneath him

Sometimes you have to fall
To find out who you are
Don't be afraid to fail
Because you learn each time you try
Sometimes you have to fall to fly

Have you felt that God is slow to answer when you call
Have there been times you doubted He was ever there at all
You've been free falling and God in Heaven knows
The hardest part of loving is to let your children go

A lesser love would always hold us and try to keep us safe
But God knows when the time is right to take His hands away



Write Your Name Across My Heart


I feel so thankful when I think of You
So I'm on my knees, it's the best I can do
I say your Name and You feel so close
Walls have crumbled from my body and soul

Write Your Name across my heart
I want the world to know that I am Yours forever
And I will wear It like a shining star
Write Your Name across my heart

For you my life is an open door
And everything that I have is yours
I can't repay what you've done for me
But my love for You has a life-time guarantee

In all my thoughts, in all I do, in all I say
I belong to you with every breath I take



The First Step To Heaven


Wake up oh sinner you're facing the darkness of death
Each moment could be the moment you draw your last breath
And the weight of your fears are the shackles that keep you enslaved
But the Blood of the Lamb is the one way to bypass the grave

The first step to Heaven is knowing you're lost
The highway to Glory is the way of the cross
You can lend Him your burdens the moment you see
The first step to Heaven is down on your knees

To all you believers who have answered the good shepherd's call
Flood the chasm of darkness with the Light that can save one and all
Not a soul crosses Jordan on the strength of their money or deeds
That mansion up yonder is reserved for those who believe



A Mansion There For You


From the road down through the valley
Some see a mansion upon the hill
Even their darkest hour
They say that a light shines on it still
Well, others say that it's only legend
Some even say that it's a hoax
But there's a verse there in the Bible
It recalls all the words that Jesus spoke

My Father's house has many mansions
I would not say it if it were not true
If you believe and if you follow
There there is a mansion there for you

Valley days they are numbered
But never fear that yours will be too few
For way down deep within the spirit
There is an everlasting you
Though many roads wind through the valley
Some days it seems like there is no way out
Keep you eyes on the horizon
And from your heart remove all doubt



If Not For The Love Of Christ


Looking back over the years that I've known
If I had made this journey alone
I'd be searching for meaning so empty inside
If not for the love of Christ

I could pretend that I'm satisfied
Make you believe that I'm enjoying the ride
But the smile on my face would be a disguise
If not for the love of Christ

The love of Christ oh the love of Christ
No finer treasure no greater prize
I can't imagine living my life  
If not for the love of Christ

No mercy to cover all my mistakes
There'd be no peace through my darkest days 
And no hope that I'd ever see paradise
If not for the love of Christ



Angels Watching Over Me


Well it's all night all day
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord
Well it's all night all day
Angels watching over me, my Lord

Well I went down to the valley to pray
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord
My soul got happy I stayed all day
Angels watchin' over my, my Lord

Now when my heart is sad and blue
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord
I call on Him to see me through
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord

Well if you get there before I do
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord
Tell all my friends that I'm comin' too
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord



Then You'll See


Whosoever believes on His name is forgiven
One who's sincere will see His face
Whosoever remains by the side that was riven
Will surely be blessed in His grace

When I'm in need I call on His Name
And He always answers
In darkest hours I have no fear
'Cause He's always near me
He moves by faith not by our deeds
Though it's hard to believe in things unseen
First you believe then you'll see

Whatsoever our sins, indeed we are driven
Through all those times, He loved us still
Whatsoever we ask in His name we'll be given
For to prosper in faith is His will



Loving God, Loving Each Other


Loving God loving each other   
Making music with my friends 
Loving God loving each other
And the story never ends

They pushed back from the table to listen to His words
His secret plan before He had to go
It's not complicated don't need a lot of rules
This is all you'll need to know

We tend to make it harder, build steeples out of stone
Fill books with explanations of the way
But if we'd stop and listen and break a little bread
We would hear the Master say