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It's Only Natural Lyrics


What'cha Gonna Do

Now you caught her, what'cha gonna do now you got her
Don't cha really think that you oughta buy a little ring and put it on her finger
If you're gonna keep her gonna have to dig a little deeper
Now it's either all or a-nothin'
You better do somethin'
What'cha gonna, what'cha what'cha gonna gonna do now you caught her?

So I bought her one little drink then I asked her for one little dance then I kissed her
Next thing I knew she was givin' me her number
Now there's some frilly things hangin' from the shower at my place
We're sharin' a bed and the toothpaste
Her daddy's on the phone sayin' what'cha gonna what'cha what'cha gonna gonna do?

I love her I need her I never ever wanna be with anyone else
So there's only one question to ask myself


True Heart
(originally appeared on Heartbeat,
this is a newly recorded version)

Some people spend night and day
Making money they can hide away.
They never know what theyíre working for,
All they think about is making more.

And every time the world spins round
Thereís a few more hearts that canít be found
Cause they never had nothing to hold on to
The way that Iím holding you.

All I ever need is your true heart
Next to me when itís cold and dark.
All I need to keep from falling apart
Is the beat of your true heart.

Some people spend day and night
Trying to love everybody in sight
They never know what love is for
All they think about is keeping the score.

And every time the world spins round
Thereís a few more hearts that canít be found
Cause they never had nothing to hold on to
The way that Iím holding you



Before I Die


Before I die I wanna hit the Mississippi in a boat I've yet to buy
Take it out in the gu'f where the water meets the sky
Where nothin' on God's green Earth looks dry
I wanna see that stadium in New York from a right field seat
Maybe catch a home run when the new all-star goes deep
And pretend that Maris and Mantle pointing up at me

While I can still breathe while this old heart still has another beat
It's time I put some livin' in these dreams

Before I die I'm gonna learn all about how a man swallows pride
Find the strength to tell my daddy he was right
Tell Mama I'm sorry about that night
'Fore I'm called up I wanna be the kind of man that a woman wants to love
Find the side of me that's a different kind of tough
Who ain't ashamed to meet the Man above

And Lord I know these are the things I should've done a long time ago
When I close my eyes I wanna feel at ease
If I left right now I couldn't rest in peace



 Gonna Take A Lot Of River
(originally appeared on Monongahela,
this is a newly recorded version)


I ain't gonna ride no rail or hitchhike down no highway
I aint' going nowhere feeling the way I do.
Because my baby's long gone and nothingís going my way
I'm gonna let this muddy water just wash away my blues.

Itís gonna take a lot of river,
To keep this broken heart afloat,
Gonna take a lot of river
Running all the live long day,
Gonna take the Mississippi, the Monongahela and the Ohio,
Gonna take a lot of river
To wash these blues away.

Well, I wish I was tug boat pushing and pulling them barges along
Moving on the water with a heart made of iron and steel
There wouldn't be no women who could ever take my loving and do me wrong
I could work all day with nothing in the world to feel.

Is she in New Orleans
Is she a cajun queen
I wonder what she's doing now
But if I know her she's got rings and furs,
Struggling along somehow
Struggling along somehow



 No Matter How High
(originally appeared on American Dreams,
this is a newly recorded version)

When I was a young boy I would dream about life
And wonder just how sweet it would be
Baby I got lucky when I met you that night
Now you'll always have this promise from me.

No matter how high I get,
I'll always look up to you,
Youíll always be number one,
I'll settle for number two.
You've always been there for me
Baby, I must confess
I'll always look up to you
No matter how high I get.

Up here on the mountain it gets crazy sometimes,
So crazy I don't know what to do.
When I've had it up to here with all of their lies
I can count on you to tell me the truth.

You are the one that turned me around,
You help me keep my feet on the ground



 The Shade


I don't want a fast car, don't need a four lane highway
There's not another place I'd rather be
'Cause out here in the country blue birds sing for nothin'
And the shade comes free with the tree

The tree came with the mountain right beside the river
Where the ground makes one heck of a scene
The mountain counts for somethin', the view is worth a fortune
And the shade comes free with the tree

I never had a dollar that could buy me what I'm feelin'
But I'm feelin' 'bout as good as I can be
I need to be reminded when I'm lookin' for a bargain
Not to overlook what's right in front of me

I'll never make a killin' tryin' to make a livin'
But I make enough to raise a family
I found a piece of heaven off county road eleven
Where the shade comes free with the tree

And honey bring me some sweet iced tea



(originally appeared on Fancy Free,
this is a newly recorded version)

Elvira, Elvira, my heart's on fire, for Elvira.

Eyes that look like heaven, lips like cherry wine
That girl can sure enough make my little light shine
I get a funny feelin' up and down my spine
'Cause I know that my Elvira's mine.
So Iím singin'

Elvira, Elvira, my heart's on fire for Elvira.
Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
High-ho Silver, away.

Tonight I'm gonna meet her at the Hungry House Cafe
I'm gonna give her all the love I can, yes I am.
She's gonna jump and holler
íCause Iíve saved up my last two dollars
We're gonna search and find that preacher man.
And Iím singiní



Louisiana Red Dirt Highway


Pulled out the driveway past an old tar paper shack
Standing at her mail box an old woman waves as I look back
I'm gonna miss my family and I'll need all the letter that they'll send
It's gonna be a long time before I travel down this red dirt road again

Louisiana red dirt highway I've been down a million times
With the tin barns and the pine trees I'm gonna take'em with me in my mind
I'm gonna take'em to the city where a man can make good money so they say
I'm already pretty lonesome and my tires ain't even slung off all the clay

The mud drips would make their own design and they'd zig zag for miles
And the one lane bridge that runs across the creek that I swan in as a child
The sawmill was thirty miles away and my daddy brought it wood
Mama done the cookin' and the cleanin' and taught us what was good



Beyond Those Years
(originally appeared on Monongahela,
this is a newly recorded version)

Full moons and empty promises
We were only high school kids
We got so close that we closed our eyes
To the facts of life.
We were married in the spring
Not long before the baby came
Your mama said she couldn't bare the shame
Your dad refused to give the bride away.

Beyond those years
Who'd have thought we'd still be standing here?
And that love would find itís way
Through all those tears
Beyond those years.

Eighteen standing in the shoes of a man
The weight of the world in my unskilled hands
One by one as the dreams fell through
I took my failures out on you.
But you held on when it made no sense
And cleaned the face of the innocent
You were so strong to be so young
And now look just how far we've come.

So many times we wanted to act our age
Call it off and go our separate ways
Against the odds we grew up too fast
And on our own, yeah we made it last
Oh we made it last.



Wish You Could've Been There


Finally jumped into the deep end like daytime in the evenin'
It got dark out there so fast it took everything I had
All the fears that I've been facin', the mistakes I kept on makin'
I changed them all that day, I chased them all away
I guess you saw this comin' long before I did
You never wondered if I could you only wondered when

Wish you could've been there to see me
You always believed me even when I couldn't believe myself
Wish you could've been there to see this
The moment that I witnessed, every single word you said come true
Wish you could've been there
Wish you could've been there

Tonight I'll close my eyes and sleep for the very first time
I'll dream of waking up next to you
You can't count on second chances, Lord knows I've had a few
You gave me all the answers, it was up to me to choose

It took so long for me to realize what you already knew



Lucky Moon
(originally appeared on Unstoppable,
this is a newly recorded version)

I was there in the very next room
She thought I was down the hall
She was talking on the phone like women do
She didnít know I could hear at all.

I heard her say to her very best friend
He doesnít love me like I did back then
She said lately Iíve been so alone
So tomorrow morning Iíll be gone.

Lucky moon stay out tonight, sunlight stay away
Iíve got one more chance to make things right
Weíve gotta make her want to stay
Itís up to me and you, lucky moon.

Make reservations at her favorite restaurant
Candle light and expensive wine
Try to let her know that sheís the one that I want
Gotta show her while Iíve still got time.

I canít believe how stupid Iíve been
God knows I love her like I did back then
Better take to heart her warning
Somehow change her mind by morning.

The first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I pray she might
Find a little magic in the moonlight.



Sacrifice...For Me

Boy grew up Caroline, tobacco farm on the mountain side
Played football for the high school team, fell in love with Sally Jean
Heard the call of his Uncle Sam, headed off to Vietnam
When he comes home, gonna settle down
But somewhere in a river the soldier dies for me

Navaho boy stares at the sky tired of the reservation life
He has hopes he has dreams, joins the United States Marines
A Marine works hard, he pulls his weight
His people are proud, he's a hero they say
When he comes home, gonna be a great day
But somewhere in desert the marine dies for me

So I can live in the land of free
Raise my kids, live my dreams
There's a price for liberty
Sacrifice...for me

Punches that clock at a half past eight just like any other day
Brooklyn fireman called home, gonna be late somethin' big's goin' on
The world has changed in just one day
The devil himself sent those planes
When he gets home, gonna hold his wife
But somewhere in a tower the fireman dies for me

Long black wall, fields of green
Pillar of fire, distant beach
Cross of white, a hero dies
Sacrifice...for me