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Jesus Christ, What A Man Lyrics


Jesus Christ, What A Man

I've heard all the songs you're singing today
There's one thing I don't understand
Why you don't sing more songs about Jesus my Hero
Jesus Christ now there was a Man

Sing me some songs about Jesus cause I am a big Jesus fan
Sing me some songs about Jesus my Savior
Jesus Christ, there was a Man

I've heard all your songs about living and dying
I admire all your deep, clever words
But you haven't lived till you've heard Roy Acuff
Sing about Jesus and the Great Speckled Bird



I Am To Blame

When I see the nail prints in the hand of Jesus
The nail prints that were made because of me
I'm reminded of a life of sin and sorrow
And how Jesus took my place on Calvary

Now I plead before Thy throne for grace, for mercy
Have your creed, oh Lord, I vow I'm so ashamed
I repent of all my sins and ask forgiveness
For the nail prints in your hands, Lord, I am to blame

The stripes upon His back were for my healing
And the thorns upon His head were for my shame
In mock'ry, the purple robe was put upon Him
But for the nail prints in His hands, I am to blame



I Enjoy The Difference

In this world of many countries from equator to the poles
There are many straits and customs, many ways both new and old
There are many different oceans, many claims to know the Lord
I have found the difference, written in God's Holy Word

I enjoy the difference, I'm now a child of God
I enjoy the difference, overshadowed by His love
He changed my life completely, while some may not agree
I enjoy the difference, for by His grace I'm free

Now if you don't know the difference
If you do not understand
Let me share with you my blessings
Let me tell you if I can
How the Savior took my burdens
In exchange He gave me peace
And now I enjoy the difference
My soul has been released



Here's A Song For The Man

Many songs today are written to deceive you
There are many songs that talk about the way
If you'll listen to this song, you'll find the answer
For Jesus is the Truth, the Life, the Way

Here's a song for the Man who walked on water
Here's a song for the Man who calmed the sea
And here's a song for the Man who died for you and me
Here's a song for the Man of Galilee

People stand in line to show who they believe in
Then they march their heroes on to victory
But today I'm gonna cast my vote for Jesus
For Jesus is all the world to me



Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary

Days are filled with sorrow and care
Hearts are lonely and drear
Burdens are lifted at Calvary
Jesus is very near

Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Calvary, Calvary
Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Jesus is very near

Troubled soul, the Savior can see
Every heartache and tear
Burdens are lifted at Calvary
Jesus is very near



God Is Beautiful

Pollution has replaced the skies of blue that used to be
And the ugliness of unconcern is everywhere you see
All around there's poverty, violence and hypocrisy
Then I look at God and God is beautiful

If I could only take the joy that His love has brought to me
And share it with this world so much in need
I think that it could cure this world of all it's hate and greed
God can change it all 'cause God is beautiful

So many people livin' in so little space on Earth
The death of war can't seem to overcome the rate of birth
Corruption seems to have it's way with any everyone today
Then I look at God and God is beautiful



Redemption Draweth Nigh

Years of time have come and gone
Since I first heard it told
How Jesus would come again some day
If back then it seemed so real
Then I just canít help but feel
How much closer His coming is today

Signs of the times are everywhere
Thereís a brand new feeling in the air
Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky
Lift up your head redemption draweth nigh

Wars and strife on every hand
And violence fills our land
Still some people doubt Heíll ever come again
But the Word of God is true
Heíll redeem His chosen few
Donít lose hope soon Christ Jesus will descend



One More Day 


If my time on Earth is long and I am young
And I see God's people dyin', I want to help them
For if Jesus comes tomorrow
We'll have just one more day

If you have no peace with Jesus, the Son of God
The angels must be cryin', His heart is broken
For if Jesus comes tomorrow
We'll have just one more day

One more day to separate the world
One more day and time may be no longer
One day late for me to show you
One day late for you to listen

For when He comes He'll give no warning
For when it all begins to happen
When He's gone, ascended into Heaven
We wouldn't have known that we have one more day



Let Me Live

Let Him always walk beside me
Let Him take my hand and guide me
Let me live in the light of His love, of His love
If I reach that great tomorrow, oh Lord
Where there'll be no, no pain and sorrow
Let me live, oh Lord, in the light of His Love

Let me live, let me live
In the light His love can give
Let it shine like the sun up above, oh Lord
Let me feel every ray, hay
Every night and every day
Let me live in the light of his love

And when my soul is heavy laden
Seems like all my dreams are fadin'
Let me live in the light of His love
Or a heart that's filled with sadness
He can touch and fill with gladness
Let me live in the light of His love



Since Jesus Came In

The path that I chose led me deeper each day
In the guilt and the torment of sin
But oh what a day when the Lord looked my way
Things are different since Jesus came in

Since Jesus came in, since Jesus came in
What a change what a blessing within
Oh what joy floods my soul since the Lord took control
Things are different since Jesus came in

No tongue can express what a joy I have found
And no poet could write what I feel
But I wouldn't trade for the wealth of this world
I'm a witness that Jesus is real



Put Your Hand In The Hand

Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water
Put your hand in the hand of the Man who calmed the sea
Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
By puttin' your hand in the hand of the Man from Galilee

Every time I look into the Holy Book I wanna tremble
When I read about the part where the Carpenter cleared the temple
For the buyers and the sellers were no different fellas than what I professed to be
And it causes me shame to know we're not the people we should be

Mama taught me how to pray before I reached the age of seven
And when I'm down on my knees, that's when I'm close to heaven
My daddy lived his life for two kids and a wife, and he did what he could do
And he showed me just enough of what it takes to get me through