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The Journey Lyrics


Train, Train

I lost a pretty penny on my daddy's farm
To the railroad tracks that ran between the back porch and the barn
Every time that locomotive would start to shake the ground
I'd beat it to the backyard and I'd lay my Lincoln down
I'd signal to the engineer, he'd always let her blow
I'd count the cars, one by one, wishin' I could go

Train train choo-choo train
Heard that oooh oooh oooooohhhhhh
And I've never been the same
Train train choo-choo train
There's still a little rambling round running through my veins

From the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains on L&N's old rails
To the Kansas City Southern sleepin' with the mail
I cut steel through Pennsylvania on the P&LE too
Saw the Colorado River from a Rio Grande caboose
Now every time that iron horse is comin' 'round the bend
I hear that lonesome sound oh Lord, and there I go again



Someplace Green


Back in my hometown everything's green
Green grass, green leaves, green peaches on the trees in the spring
Green jello, green beans,
And the kids don't know a thing, they're green

In this dirty ol' city everything's gray
Gray ceiling, gray walls, gray traffic that barely crawls
Gray nights, gray days
And everybody feels that way, gray

But every night I have the same sweet dream
I'm nowhere gray
I'm someplace green

Comin' here baby was a big mistake
It's too crowded, it's too cold
Too far from you and home
It's too hard, it's too mean
And nobody here believes in me

But I close my eyes and it almost seems
I'm right there beside you
Someplace green

I feel the warm September sun
Hand in hand we start to run
Down streets with names I recognize
There's so much laughter in your eyes
And we lay down to catch our breath
I can smell the new mowed grass
And there's your perfume in the air
God, I wish that I was there

They say up in Heaven everything's gold
Gold stars, gold crowns, gold streets you can walk right down
And golden harps make golden sounds
For every poor lost soul that's found

But down here tonight, heaven for me
Ain't nowhere gold
It's someplace green

And I close my eyes and it almost seems
I'm standing right beside her
Someplace green



Bad Case Of Missing You


Lonely, come hold me, show me that you're lonely too
Oh baby I got a bad case of missing you
Help me, tell me honey what can I do
Oh baby, I got a bad case of missing you

I've been filling my time with whole lot of nothin'
Twenty-five hours a day living without your loving

I've tried every pill and magic potion
Until they find a cure I just have to keep on hopin'

Oh baby I got a bad case of missing you
Sweet baby, I got a bad case of missing you



Saving Grace


Lately Grace hasn't been herself
And he's noticed the change
Like forgetting friends they've known for years
And misplacing all her things
He'd make a joke and they'd both laugh
And blame it on old age
But it's not funny anymore
She can't remember her name

He believes way down deep she still knows who he is
Forty years of memories just can't disappear like this
The doctors say it's hopeless
Her past has been erased
So he'll spend the rest of his life saving Grace

Raised five kids on a farmers pay
Vietnam took his son
But watching Grace live like this
Is the hardest thing he's done
He sits there by her bed sometimes while she's fast asleep
Tells her all about herself
Strokes her hair and weeps

The woman that he's loved for years
Is trapped somewhere in the pain
Tonight he swears she smiled at him and almost spoke his name



You Don't Have To Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)

Lord knows I'm guilty of living my life
Like there's always tomorrow for making things right
But our days are numbered
Like the hairs on our head
And no man knows the hour he'll shake hands with death

You don't have to go home
And live up in glory
But you can't live forever down here
For all in this world that's uncertain
One thing is clear
You don't have to go home but you you can't stay here

Well there's a master time keeper
Who died on the cross
And it breaks His heart knowing hell's gain is His loss
But if your name is written
In the Lamb's book of Life
You'll know where you're going if He calls you tonight



Old Familiar Love


She steps into a permanent spot formed by his embrace
And the light that shines in her eyes puts a smile on his face
They dance across the floor without saying a word
Each knowing what the other's thinking of
They're lost in the sweet melody of an old familiar love

As smooth as the passing of time they move as one
When the music has faded away they're still dancing on
And she just giggles with a blush
Safe in the warm gentle arms of an old familiar love

Soft as a whisper silent as a stone
True as the stars that shine
A love that stays forever young
But stands the test of time

She reaches her hand back for his as they walk off the floor
Without looking he's reaching for hers like all those times before
So sure of one another, her hand slips into his
And their hearts are dancing to the touch
Sharing the comfort they've found in an old familiar love

They're lost in the sweet melody of an old familiar love



Goin' Against The Grain

Some folks call me a maverick
Say I ain't too diplomatic
Guess I've never been the kind to go along
Just avoiding confrontation
For the sake of confirmation
I'll admit I tend to sing  a different song
Sometimes you just can't be afraid to wear a different hat
I Columbus had complied, this old world might still be flat
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Sometimes you've got to go against the grain

Well I'm frequently accused of making my own rules
There must be rebel blood running through my veins
Least I ain't no hypocrite
What you see is what you get
that's the only way I know to play the game
Old Noah took much ridicule
For building his great ark
After forty days and forty nights
He was looking pretty smart
Sometimes it's best to brave the wind and rain
By having strength to go against the grain

Well there's more folks than a few
Who share my point of view
They're worried if they're going to sink or swim
They'd like to buck the system
But the deck is stacked against them
And they're a little scared to go out on a limb
But if you're going to make a difference
If you're going to leave your mark
Don't follow like a bunch of sheep
Just listen to your heart
Go bustin' in like old John Wayne
Don't be afraid to go against the grain



I Love You So Much It Hurts

I love you so much it hurts me
Darlin', that's why I'm so blue
I'm so afraid to go to bed at night
Afraid of losing you

I love you so much it hurts me
And there's nothing I can do
I want to hold you my dear forever and ever
I love you so much it hurts me so

I love you so much it hurts me
Whether near or far away
I want to hold you my dear forever and ever
I love you so much it hurts me so

I want to hold you my dear forever and ever
I love you so much it hurts me so



My Girl Friday

She stands there with her suitcase
We've been through all this before
I know it's gonna hurt me
When she walks out the door
I wish things could be different
We didn't have to say goodbye
But someone else is in the picture
And we don't see eye to eye

The minute that she leaves here
She'll run straight into their arms
Gotta find the strength to let her go
Although it breaks my heart
One last time I hold her tightly
And kiss her on the cheek
As she rushes to the car I'm left
To face the lonely week

She's my girl Friday as far as I'm concerned
I'm lost without her don't know which way to turn
Thursday takes forever and Monday comes too soon
But at least she's my girl Friday till Sunday afternoon

She stands up in the back seat
And softly waves goodbye
I turn away before I want to
She don't need to see me cry
I know that I'd go crazy
If it wasn't for the fact
That I'll always be her daddy
And they'll have to bring her back



That Ole Gravel Road Was Easy Street

When I was eight years old
I tried to leave the farm
I flew a homemade plane
Out of the loft of the barn
If I could go back now
You couldn't pay me to leave
'Cause that old gravel road was easy street

We were a four-dog family
With some dreams and a flat-bed truck
That ole school bus would rattle and shake
When it would pick us up
Those creek bank rocks
Were hard on our feet
But that ole gravel road was easy street

That ole gravel road was easy street
They used to say we were poor
But we were rich as we could be
We were down on our luck
But we were up to our necks in homemade love
That ole gravel road was easy street

I thought having it made
Was growing up
Movin' off to town, getting' married
And going to work
But those sidewalks
Ain't all they're cracked up to be
That ole gravel road was easy street



The Journey

I stumbled down a long dark road
From sunlight I had strayed
The demons came and beckoned me
I was lost and so afraid
I felt that I was falling
I thought it was a dream
I called upon my Father
To come and rescue me
Oh Father rescue me

A door just seemed to open
The darkness turned to light
The Lord appeared before me
He wore a robe of white
He spoke my name softly
I felt such peace within
He gently wrapped me in His arms
And forgave me all my sins
He forgave me all my sins

Another door was opened
A vision came so clear
I was on a ship now sailing
My Lord was standing near
He pointed towards the distant shore
And whispered to my soul
"Your journey now is o'er my child
Rejoice and welcome home"
Rejoice and welcome home

I saw my precious mother
She was waiting by the river
She smiled and waved and called my name
There were angels all around her
No sickness, pain or sorrow
No strife, no fear of war
No devil's lies, no children cry
All is peace forevermore
There is peace forevermore

Oh brother, my dear brother
You life could end today
Except a man be born again
He cannot see the way
For Jesus there is waiting
To lead us past the grave
And take us home to be with Him
When the final journey's made
When the final journey's made
(let's go home)