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The Lighthouse & Other Gospel Hits Lyrics


Oh What A Happy Day

Oh what a happy time that's sure to be
Jesus is a-comin' back to me
I hear Him callin' me away
From this world forever to stay
And when I take my Savior's hand
In that blessed Promised Land
I'll shout and sing through the endless ages
What a happy day

Oh what a happy day
That will be when we gather there
Oh what a happy day
When we climb those golden stairs
We’ll meet with those who’ve gone before
James and John and a million more
What a happy time that's sure to be
Oh what a happy day

And when I walk into Heaven fair meet my blessed savior there
He’ll place a crown upon my head and give me a robe of white to wear
And then I'll walk on streets of gold
And live forever and not grow old
I'll shout and sing through the endless ages
What a happy day



Since Jesus Came In

"Since Jesus Came In" originally appeared on Jesus Christ, What A Man



My Jesus

My dear Jesus I need you by my side everyday
I cannot travel on this way alone
I'll confess that I tried by myself to no avail
Without you I fear I have failed

My Jesus, my Jesus
Hold to my hand
For no longer, alone can I stand
I'll confess that I trusted in myself much too long
My Jesus won't you lead me safely home

Self sufficient in all things had been my philosophy
I know now that this could never be
My mere deeds at their best could be counted not but lost
Now I must go in through the cross



Calvary, Dallas, Memphis, L.A.

We lost our four big chances
Calvary Dallas Memphis L.A.
In two thousand years, four chances
A cross and a gun stole them away

A man called John loved by everyone
Who's smile was as bright as his dream
And his brother Bob together with God
Planned a beautiful scene

They stood hand in hand with a noble black man
Whose voice made your heart want to sing
They taught brotherhood that this world understood
The Irish, a Jew, and a black man called King

Then hate with a tail climbed from out of hell
With a forked tongue spoke from a tree
The Jew died for sin, the black man for skin
The Irish, they died for liberty
At Calvary, Dallas, Memphis, L.A.



Thank God, I'm Free

For a long time I've traveled down a long lonely road
My heart was so heavy, in sin I sank low
Then I heard about Jesus, what a wonderful hour
I'm so glad that I found out that He would bring me out
Though His saving power

Thank God I am free, free, free
From this world of sin
Washed in the blood of Jesus, and then born again
Hallelujah I'm saved, saved, saved
By His wonderful grace
I'm so glad that I found out He would bring me out
And show me the way

Like a bird out of prison that's taken it's flight
Like the blind man that God gave back his sight
Like the poor wretched beggar that found fortune and fame
I'm so glad that I found out He could bring me out
Through His Holy Name



The King Is Coming

The marketplace is empty, no more traffic in the streets
All the builder's tools are silent, no more time to harvest wheat
Busy housewives cease their labors, in the courtroom no debate
Work on Earth has been suspended as the King comes through the gate

All the railroad cars are empty as they rattle down the tracks
In the newsroom, no one watches as machines type pointless facts
All the planes veer off their courses, no one sits at the controls
For the King of all the ages comes to claim eternal souls

Happy faces line the hallways, those whose lives have been redeemed
Broken homes that He has mended, those from prison He has freed
Little children and the aged hand in hand stand all a-glow
Who were crippled, broken, ruined, clad in garments white as snow

I can hear the chariot's rumble, I can see the marching throng
The flurry of God's trumpets spells the end of sin and wrong
Regal rolls are now unfolding, Heaven's grandstands all in place
Heaven's choir is now assembled, start to sing Amazing Grace

The King is coming, the King is coming
I just heard the trumpet sounding and now His face I see
The King is coming, the King is coming
Praise God, He's coming for me



The Lighthouse

There's a lighthouse on the hillside
That over looks life's sea
And when I'm tossed it sends out a light
That I might see
And the light that shines in darkness now
Will safely lead us o'er
If it wasn't for the Lighthouse
My ship would be no more

Everybody that lives around us
Says tear that Lighthouse down
The big ships they don't sail this way anymore
There's no use of it standing round
Then my mind goes back to that stormy night
When just in time I saw the light
Yes, the light from that old lighthouse
That stands there on the hill

And I thank God for the Lighthouse
I owe my life to Him
For Jesus is the Lighthouse
And from the rocks of sin
He has shown a light around me
That I could clearly see
If it wasn't for the Lighthouse (tell me)
Where would this ship be



The Eastern Gate 


I will meet you in the morning
Just inside the Eastern Gate
Then be ready faithful pilgrim
Lest with you it be too late
I will meet you (in the morning), I will meet you
(in the morning)
Just inside the Eastern Gate over there
I will meet you
(in the morning), I will meet you (in the morning)
I will meet you in the morning over there

Keep your lamps all trimmed and burning
For the Bridegroom watch and wait
He’ll be with you in the meeting
And it's just, just inside the Eastern Gate



Don't Take My Cross Away

My burdens keep my humble and teach me to pray
If I murmur or grumble forgive the words I say
Give me strength to carry my load day by day
But don't take my burdens or my cross away

With a cross on my shoulders my feet cannot stray
For the cross leads me onward to my home far away
And I will not question this price I must pay
Just don't take my burdens or my cross away

For I would grow careless and idle I fear
My eyes would be dry and I'd never shed a tear
Lest I forget oh that I need you each day
Don't take my burdens or my cross away



His Wonderful Love

Are you walkin' in sorrow
Are you drifting in sin
Are you always downhearted
With no peace within
I was once lost as you are
But God took control
He lifted my burdens
And He saved my lost soul

No angel in Heaven, no mortal below
Could save me from sin or my endless woe
Then God sent His mercy from Heaven above
Now I am a witness of His wonderful love

God's wonderful Love, wonderful Love
Sent down from Heaven, from the Good Lord above
Yes He sent my Jesus from my Heaven above
Oh and then He forgave me and saved me by His wonderful Love