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The Long Haul Lyrics



You say you never fell before
But this time you must have slipped, now you know how it feels
You say youíve always watched your step
But this time you must have tripped and went head over heels
Now you say it feels so good and you want me to fall too
What a crazy thing to ask someone you love to do
No Iíd rather not fall

Fall leads a river on
Then it pulls the bottom out and throws him over the edge
At first it feels real good
But heís half way down when he sees thereís real trouble ahead
Above the ragged rocks below he wonders was it worth the thrill
Cause if the fall donít do him in then the sudden stop surely will
No Iíd rather not fall

Just let me slip into this slow and easy
Iíve got my sights set on the long long haul
I believe weíre headed for the same place baby
Letís change this pace to a slow crawl
Iíll walk in standing tall but Iíd rather not fall

Fall takes a shooting star
And it burns into a streak of disappearing light
And when the darkness falls
It turns away the sun and leaves us here in the night
Steals the green from the trees
And paints them red and gold
Leaves them standing there in the winter air
With their branches bare and cold
No Iíd rather not fall



The Power Of Goodbye

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the walls closing in on me
I never dreamed it would be like this
When itís all said and done
When you know that the only one
You have ever loved is gone
Thatís how it really is

I felt the power of love
I thought that thatís all there was
There was nothing as strong as the ties that bind
Woh but I know I was wrong
Baby since youíre gone
I know that nothing
Nothing can touch you
Like the power of goodbye

You used to make me feel like a man
You had me believing I was more than I am
There was power in those times we spent together
Wish I had known then what I know now
Wish I had seen it coming somehow
I would have risked my heart for the stormy weather



Where Can I Surrender


Ever one to run away, ever one to leave
Never one to hang around, never one to grieve
If love turned into labor I would just resign
Working through the hard time never crossed my mind

Iím guilty of entering and breaking hearts so dear
Iím guilty of unlawful flight and failing to appear
Iíve committed all the crimes of love, every felony
Now I have but one defense, to plead insanity

Oh where can I surrender Iím tired of being free
I want love to come and make a prisoner out of me
Iím a big offender, oh love come capture me
Lock me in your velvet cell and throw away the key

Events have come full circle now, I spend my nights alone
Where love was once so full and free, love has up and gone
If God should just see fit to send sweet love my way again
Iíd die before Iíd run away and be like I have been



Standin' By The River


Now when me and Jenny were sweet sixteen
Weíd go down to the river at night
Take a brand new penny make a wish and then
Throw it into the river wide
She would never tell me what she wished
I never told her mine

Standiní by the river
We were standiní by the river
Holding to each other
Dreaminí 'bout the other side

Well now we got married and we moved away
Had to leave the easy world behind
But we took whatever got carried our way
Made the best out of the hardest times
I would hold her in my arms at night
Dreaminí of the times

We were just like that old river
Saw a lot of things come and go
But the love we had for one another
Kept on flowing

Now Iíve still got my Jenny itís been twelve years
And weíre back upon the river bank
Gonna throw me a penny in the river again
Gonna say a little word of thanks
God I hope her every wish came true
I know I got mine



Stay With Me

I, I want you to know
That I love you
A million times more
Than anyone that Iíve known before

'Cause you, you fill up my heart
You touch me and kindle a flame
Thatís as bright as the stars
But I burn out if you ever go

So stay with me, stay with me, stay
Tonight and the rest of my days
I need you more than it shows
All of your body and soul
You are the light of my life
You are the one thing thatís right
So letís take it all of the way
Stay with me, stay with me, stay

Tonight the light in your hair
Is soft as the wind
Thereís a magical mood in the air
But it disappears the minute youíre gone



Come On Rain

Last night they fired the cannon on the courthouse lawn
The whole town gathered at the square and we stayed there till dawn
Telling tales and singing songs and trying to work it out
Prayin' prayers all saying Lord please help us through this drought

Sun beats down from a white hot sky
Still no rain, come on rain
Hens laying eggs with fire inside
Still no rain, come on rain
Dust devil carried our fields away
Still no rain, come on rain
Cow gone dry and the mule gone lame
And thereís still no rain,
Still no rain, still no rain, still no rain

You can walk across the river on the bone dry mud
What little waters left there might as well be our blood
After 80 years the Carter family just ran out of luck
We watch the dust cloud rising as they drive off in their truck

No not a cloud in sight ainít that a shame
Thereís thunder in the night but still no rain



Gimmie Some Of Your Love 


Gimmie some of your love and Iíll give you some of mine

Well I bought a new car girl but didn't I give you a ride
Well I had a little money, I did 9 Ė 5.
But when I asked you for your heart girl you started to laugh
I went and found somebody and now you want me back
But you got to

When I asked you for a kiss girl you turned away
You kept putting me off babe for just one more day
So I left you with ma and pa but you keep calling me
But if you want what Iíve got baby
Youíve got to give me what I need
Come on now



Fear Of The Flame


Thereís a time that I recall
When I tried to give it all
And got burned by the flame
That I thought would keep me warm
So I promised myself then
That Iíd never care again
And I would not forget that roses have thorns

Donít go near the fire it will hurt you it will burn you
Love and desire only lead to pain
The heart that gives in becomes ashes in the wind
Oh but you came along and cured my fear of the flame

I learned from your love
Just how wrong I was
When you came along
And carried all my fears away
So gentle and tender
Cinder by cinder
I hardly remember the fool who used to say

With your love I know
Through your eyes I see
Itís a lonely, lonely heart
Whoíd believe



Something Worth Holding On To

Silver and gold
Or precious stones donít mean a thing
Ah theyíll buy you a thrill
Or a mansion on a hill
But life wonít change
Itís a hard one to call
But I measure it all
By the things I canít afford to lose
When it comes to your love
Thatís something worth holding on to

If youíre saying goodbye tell me what I can believe in
Oh what a cost to be lost in a world youíre leaving

When I search my soul and let everything go
But the things that are tried and true
When it comes to your love
Thatís something worth holding on to

Tell me the truth
Does it matter to you
What happens to me now
Donít tell me you care
Then leave me here feeling so left out
'Cause you know Iíll hold on
Even after youíve gone
I won't give up on you
When it comes to your love
Thatís something worth holding on to

Lifeís a hard one to call
But I measure it all
By the things I canít afford to lose
When it comes to your love
Thatís something worth holding on to



Until You're Back In My Arms Again

Last night I woke from a dream
Or maybe I was just imagining
I found myself whispering
Come to me, woh, come to me
I guess I just fell apart
When I couldnít feel you
There in the dark
I wanted you then

Until youíre back in my arms again
Until youíre back in my arms again

Oh darling if you were here
One by one Iíd dry each tear
Oh if all that you would hear
Until you walk through that door
And love is here like it was before
These missing you nights wonít end

Please say we made a mistake
And we are sharing the same heartbreak
Darling I can hardly wait
Until you walk through that door
And love is here like it was before
These missing you nights wonít win

Until youíre back in my arms again
Baby, come back baby