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Monongahela Lyrics


Gonna Take A Lot Of River

I ain't gonna ride no rail or hitchhike down no highway
I ain't going nowhere feeling the way I do
Because my baby's long gone and nothingís going my way
I'm gonna let this muddy water just wash away my blues

Itís gonna take a lot of river
To keep this broken heart afloat
Gonna take a lot of river
Running all the live long day
Gonna take the Mississippi, the Monongahela and the Ohio
Gonna take a lot of river
To wash these blues away

Well, I wish I was tug boat pushing and pulling them barges along
Moving on the water with a heart made of iron and steel
There wouldn't be no women who could ever take my loving and do me wrong
I could work all day with nothing in the world to feel

Is she in New Orleans
Is she a Cajun queen
I wonder what she's doing now
But if I know her she's got rings and furs
Struggling along somehow
Struggling along somehow



I Can Count On You

You can say the word and warm the day
You can make the world spin the other way
Some things we donít have to see to believe
Faith is the part of love that runs so deep

I can count on you, I can trust you to be
Everything you are and thatís everything Iíll ever need
I can close my eyes and let your heart lead the way
I can count on you, I can count on you

I know those loving eyes have seen me make mistakes
But in your heart you always look the other way
So much tenderness, itís hard to understand
But I know my feelings are safe in your hands



Never Together (But Close Sometimes)

Thereís a song in your eyes
As blue as the sky
Just looking at you keeps me singing it
Thereís music and wine
That sparkle and shine
One for your money and two to quit

Every day itís getting less hard to be
Never together but close sometimes
Windows and rain, bluebirds and planes
Theyíre never together but theyíre close sometimes

A girl in New York once captured my heart
But the winter was cold and I had to split
Sweet Tennessee spoke softly to me
Iím home when Iím home and Iím loving it

Life in these bars
With the make believe stars
People and loneliness passing time
A world full of fools
Sitting glued to their stools
Drowning in sadness and rosy wine



No Way Out

Yes I really saw her
What was I supposed to do
Yes she was my lover
Long before I knew you

When love is a place youíve been
Ten million miles around
When you fall a long way in
Darling thereís no way out

Yes sheís still as pretty
Yes her eyes are that blue
Yes thereís still a trace there
Of the feeling we knew

Oh but how could you ever think
She could be anything more than old memories
What about all our dreams
How can I make you be sure, sure about me
Sure about these moments together
These nights that weíve cried
These roads to forever, these feelings inside



Beyond Those Years

Full moons and empty promises
We were only high school kids
We got so close that we closed our eyes
To the facts of life
We were married in the spring
Not long before the baby came
Your mama said she couldn't bare the shame
Your dad refused to give the bride away

Beyond those years
Who'd have thought we'd still be standing here
And that love would find itís way
Through all those tears
Beyond those years

Eighteen standing in the shoes of a man
The weight of the world in my unskilled hands
One by one as the dreams fell through
I took my failures out on you
But you held on when it made no sense
And cleaned the face of the innocent
You were so strong to be so young
And now look just how far we've come

So many times we wanted to act our age
Call it off and go our separate ways
Against the odds we grew up too fast
And on our own yeah we made it last
Oh we made it last



Private Lives

Another show is over, the lights go down
The loading ups begun
We sang a lot of country songs
We put our hearts in every single one

We climb aboard our time machine
Tail lights disappear into the night
No one knows how many miles
Before we get back to private lives

Like brothers we share memories
Brothers in the harmonies we sing
As different as the clothes we wear
But like a family we share our name
We all lay a dream or two aside for private lives

Like the Smokey Mountain back roads
You know where our musicís coming from
Rolling, rolling, rolling
Take it to the California sun

Telephone, calling home
Pouring out our feelings on the line
Oh I love you, I miss you too
Never losing touch with private lives



Too Many Heartaches

Too many heartaches caused by too many promises made by
Too many lovers in the heat of the night
Too many teardrops fall on too many pillows shed by
Too many lovers in the heat of the night

The words I love you are no mystery to me
Youíre not the first to dry your eyes
There ainít a heart that hasnít hurt like yours and mine
Torn apart by promises and lies

Yes love is easy but love is rarely true
It ainít a lie that true loveís hard to find
So make me an offer, donít feed me silly lies
No need for hesitation, no need for alibis

Sometimes I find myself just lying there in bed
Wondering how itís gonna be this time
Now if I had a dollar for every time Iíve been misled
Iíd surely be the richest man alive
So if youíre looking for a restless heart like mine
The promises of love are fair, letís stop wasting time



Bridges And Walls

Some friends youíd cry for
You, I would die for
And I love you too much
To beg you to stay
You have your own plans
But it makes my heart sad
Watching my best friend walking away

Loveís never easy
And who knows whatís fair
I guess Iím still feeling
Whatís no longer there
When hearts go to pieces
Love crumbles and falls
Like stones made of memories
From bridges and walls

Hope tomorrow brings good news
íCause Iím sure gonna miss you
If I look away now, please understand
íCause my eyes refuse to see
Something I canít believe
The very best part of me
Come to an end



When Karen Comes Around

Thought I had my life together
Things were going so fine
We encountered stormy weather
But we always found the sunshine
I thought Iíd covered everything
Everything that life could bring and more
But I forgot to close one door

When Karen comes around
I donít know what to do
I doubt everything Iíve found
My heart divides in two
When Karen goes away
For me itís never through
My world turns upside down
When Karen comes around

Did I plan too far ahead
I donít know, itís hard to tell
I made my choice, I made my bed
But lately I donít sleep so well
I really thought we had it all
Stone by stone Iíd built a wall around you
Oh but then out of the blue

Karen comes around
And I donít know what to do
I doubt everything Iíve found
My heart divides in two
When Karen goes away
For me itís never through
My wall comes tumbling down
When Karen comes around



Taking One Heartbeat (At A Time)

As I look around on another day
Sometimes I get so mad seeing the same old game
So many people caught in hopeless situations
I canít make much sense thereís too much information
Someoneís always trying to run someone elseís life
Woh, someoneís only trying to make it through the night

Putting one foot before the other
One step then another
No map no sign
Taking one heartbeat at a time
Itís a long road in a short life
One footís on the other side
We look for love before we die
Taking one heartbeat at a time

One thing I know, the only thing Iím sure of
There wouldnít be much point without your love
On this ship of fools, donít know where weíre going
Most of what weíre told is not worth the knowing
Someoneís always trying to sell a new version of the truth
After all the words have gone, all I still believe is you