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Sky High Lyrics


Rhythm Guitar


Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus
Everybody wants to be the lead singer in the band

A preacher I once talked to in Washington DC
He told me preaching the gospel isn't all that it should be
I said that it didn't really surprise me but I've often wonder why
I never forget the words he said or the look that was in his eye

He said Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus
It seems like everybody wants to be the lead singer in the band
I know it's hard to get a beat on what's divine
When everybody pushing for the head of the line
I know it ain't working out at all the way we planned

I once shared a pizza with a pop star on the New York City street
He was the most unhappy prophet you would ever want to meet
He said he really wanted to save the world he just couldn't imagine how
But he'd written a song about what's gone wrong and I'm singing it to you now



Sailing Toward Home


I stood upon the sandy banks
Looking out across the ocean
I watched the ships come safely in
To rest beside the shore
The friends of those aboard her
Were gathered there to meet them
It made me long for Heaven
Where friends will part no more

I'm sailing toward home
On the old ship of Zion
I see the lights upon the banks
Across the misty foam
Angels guard my vessel
'Til I'm safe within the harbor
Captain guide my ship 'til I get home

Mama sailed the seas of life
And knew the storms I'd weather
She told me of a Savior that would chart my destiny
The misty veil has lifted
I plainly see the harbor
And Mama standing on the bank
To smile and welcome me



Nobody Special


Well I'm nobody special
Don't ever expect to be (I don't expect to be)
But the Good Lord let the sun shine on me
And I don't have much money
But love still finds a way
And I've so many reasons to thank you Lord for another day

Woke up this morning, sun was in my eyes
I looked at my sweet lady just laying by my side
The laughter of my children not too far away
I closed my eyes I softly said
Thank you Lord for another day

Use to be that every time I looked around
Seemed like nothin but trouble was there to get me down
Now I live by a new philosophy
Today is the beginning Lord of what's ahead of me



We Gotta Love One Another


Everybody knows this world is in bad shape
People should be lovin' but instead they hate
But if we could pause sometimes along the way
And remember the words that the Good Book said

It would make you love one another
Come on everybody shine your love light
If we love one another
This world's gonna be all right

Don't be hand to hand if you have money all the time
Today you may have a lot of money, yeah
Tomorrow you don't have a dime
Try to make a few friends everywhere you go
Instead of hatin' you oughta let them know

With hate in your heart I know you don't feel right
We are to bend our knees and say a little prayer each night
I'm advising you, the same goes for me too
You'd be surprised what a simple prayer can do



When I Sing For Him


When I sing for Him
Oh praise God's holy Name
I can feel His presence in my soul
When I sing for Him
Oh blessed be His name
How I rejoice within when I sing for Him

As I sing a melody that He gave
When I speak God's name in song or kneel to pray
Oh I have a special feeling deep within
When I sing for Him

When I sing for Him in person
Hallelujah when I look to my new home hallelujah
Oh the angels will be singing hallelujah amen
When I sing for Him
When I sing for Him



Plant A Seed


Plant a seed and watch it grow
From the fruit it bears you'll know
If you till the soil of humanity
A flower will grow for the world to see

Place your hand safe in mine
I take you where the sun always shines
We, we will find a love so complete
Oh though we are bound as one our hearts will always, always be free

Well we've got to plant a seed my friend
And we've got to let the sun shine in
Well we've got to work all the meadows of your mind
And I know the world is a better place
For the whole human race
If we plant a seed of love sometime

If you plant a seed of love
You know you've got to reap a harvest of love
And if this love remains through the wind and the rain
Why, you've planted a tree, yes a tree, my friend

Well we've got to plant a seed, a little seed of love
In your heart now, plant a little seed of love
Every mornin', every night, plant a seed of love
Oh my brother can't ya help me plant a seed of love
Oh my sister plant a little seed of love
Every day now, plant a little seed of love



There Must Be A Better Way


Paycheck came this evening, it's Friday afternoon
This bottle Lord will last until at least tomorrow noon
The children watch and wonder as he sips his life away
I'm here to ask you people
Ain't there a better way

Mother is a member of the local PTA
Place bridge and drinks martinis with the girls on Saturday
A little nip for breakfast gets Mama on her way
I'm here to tell you people
That there must be a better way

They rush home every Sunday right after Sunday School
Just enough to teach the kids about the golden rule
As they rush home to the bottle you can hear the children say
Oh Lord, oh Lord up in Heaven
Won't you show me a better
Got to be a better
There must be a better way



That's Just Like Jesus

When you are lonely and broken hearted
Jesus will help you, He is your friend
All of your problems, He will remove them
And leave you smiling so full of joy

That's just like Jesus
That's just like Jesus
Never far, always near
That's just like Jesus

When we abuse Him, He's broken hearted
Yet He still loves us, He answers our pleas
We should be thankful, He is forgiving
And for His dying we can be free



I Just Want To Help You Be Free


You are everything I've always wanted to be
You seen everything I've ever wanted to see
But this one thing just keeps puzzling me
Is that you want to be free

I've known sometimes the reason for your madness
Has caused you lots of sadness
I will be your friend if you will let me
I just want to help you be free

If you ever think that you should need some advise
You can call on me and don't you even think twice
And I know if I should ever need you
I'm sure you'd help me too, yes you would

Your chains are really botherin' me



Mighty Fine


Bright lights of the city shinin' in my eyes
Sure begin to look pretty when a man begins to die

It looks mighty fine, mighty fine, mighty fine

Twelve gates to the city holdin' out the night
Ain't no darkness in the city I see the Lamb shinin' bright

It's gonna be might fine, mighty fine, mighty fine

Somebody built the city, somebody bought the sky
I see my name is written, I hear the weather's awfully bright

And that sounds mighty fine, mighty fine, mighty fine