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Step On Out Lyrics


Touch A Hand, Make A Friend


Can't you feel it in your bones
A change is coming on
From every walk of life
People seeing the light

Can't you feel it in your hearts now
A new thing is taking shape
Reach out and touch a hand
Make a friend if you can

Reach out and touch a hand
Make a friend if you can
Reach out and touch a hand
Make a friend if you can

I read about about you my friend
Ain't it time you come on in
We can find a better way
Why don't you join us today

It's been reflected in the attitudes
Of other people just like you
Reach out and touch a hand
Make a friend if you can





Boards on the windows
Mail by the door
Why would anybody leave so quickly for
Ophelia where have you gone

That old neighborhood just ain't the same
Nobody knows just what became of
Ophelia tell me what went wrong

Was it somethin' that somebody said
Mama I know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law
Honey, you know I'd die for you

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear
Why do the best things always disappear
Like Ophelia please knock on my door

They got your number, scared and runnin'
I'm still waitin' for the second coming of
Ophelia, honey come back home



Love Is Everywhere


I used to be so lonely  I used to be so blue
There was a time I thought I'd never see love shinin' through
I could not find a spark of hope there was darkness in the air
Then I found someone now the clouds are gone and I see love everywhere

And I said, "Oh me - oh my - mercy mercy - love is everywhere"
Yeah, I said, "ooh wee" then I sighed, -- "Land of Goshen
Love is everywhere"

There was a woman that I heard of  they say every night she cried
About a love that long ago had just withered up and died
And then one night she was observed by the full light of the moon
With a swing in her hips and a song on her lips and a man up in her room

And she said, "Oh me, oh my - mercy mercy - love is everywhere"
Yeah she said, "Ooh, wee" then she sighed, -- "land of Goshen
Love is everywhere"

There was a man that lived next to me and I swear that his heart was hard
There wasn't no sunshine on his back porch and no flowers in his yard
He claimed that he'd looked high and low but love could not be found
But it didn't take much  just a woman's touch to turn his world around

And he said, "oh me - oh my - mercy mercy - love is everywhere"
Yeah he said, "Ooh wee" then he signed, -- "land of Goshen
Love is everywhere"



Only One I Love


Morning eyes callin' like the sun risin'
Your smile comes shinin' through
Lovers hearts wakin' dreamy love makin'
Once again I want to tell you baby

You're only one, only one I love
You're the only one that makes me want to
Push the world away hold you close and say
You're the only one I love

Evening eyes greet me loving hand gently
Make my worries disappear
Rub my tired shoulders talk the day over
Cause the only one that cares is you girl



Roll Tennessee River


Well I might have a big ol' catfish cookin' on the stove
I might be sittin' out in front porch swing
But when I hear that diesel whine it's time to pack my ol' guitar
Sayin' goodbye river I'll see you in my dreams

I'm motorin' up to Detroit City
Then I'm headed south to try to burn Atlanta down
Singin' the songs that I wrote on a flat bottomed boat
Livin' on the Tennessee River in the heart of Alabam'

Roll Tennessee River
(Keep On) Rollin' through my soul
Roll Tennessee River
(Won't You) Go with me wherever I go

Well I might be anywhere from Maine to California
Sittin' in some hotel room so cold
Watchin' the world go by in a rush
From the window of a bus
Thinkin' about my baby in Muscle Shoals

I'm gonna be up rockin' all night in New York City
Then I'm goin' down to play the blues in Lousiann'
North and south, it's all the same
Faces with no name
Givin' me smiles to take back home to Alabam'

I can hear that river bank callin'
I can feel that current runnin' strong
In every song
In every song



Little Things


It's the way you kiss me when we're walkin' down the street
It's the words you whisper when we're driftin' off to sleep
A certain way you touch me the way you say hello
Baby it's the little things that make me love you so

The way you pour your coffee in the early mornin' light
The way you call my name out in the middle of the night
How you sit for hours singin' with the radio
Baby it's the little things that make me love you so

It's not the memories or all that we've been through
It's not the distant dreams that keep me coming back to you
It's not the promises that keep me warm at night
It's just the every day, it's just the safe and sound, it's just our home sweet home

And when we're old and gray now and the kids have gone away
We're alone together I may turn to you and say
There's something I forgot to tell you and by now I think you'll know
Baby it's the little things that make me love you so
Whoa-o whoa-o baby it's the little things that make me love you so

Walkin' in the park, kissin' in the dark
The little things that baby makes me feel alright now
Baby it's the little things that make me love you
Baby it's the little things that make me love you so



Class Reunion


Here's a bill, here's a mailer from the mall
Here's some more bills
And in a stack almost buried by them all
The mascot caught my eye from good ol' central high
The graduating class will get together in July
For a

Class reunion
Has it been that long (I guess it's been that long)
It's my class reunion
Hail to our school
Hail Central High

I wonder how the gang is doing now, can't wait to see them
I wonder too how that girl I never knew
But dreamed of secretly though she never noticed me
Doesn't matter now but I wonder if she'll be at the

Class reunion
Toast the past we knew
It's my class reunion
Here's to our school
Hail Central High

In the middle of July my memories hit the hometown
I walked in to a dark deserted gym
Did I read the letter right, is this the time, the place, the night
Then a familiar face stepped in underneath the exit light
That girl I never knew smiled nervously and said
I sent one invitation hoping we could finally meet
What a

Class reunion
Can I dance with
What a class reunion
Here's to me and you
And old Central High



Staying Afloat

It's another Saturday evenin'
Just you and me in the black and white
But we're dreamin' in color, tellin' each other
Things are lookin' bright

Soon we'll be skimmin' the water
I hear the wind and the sails tonight
We're just payin' our dues for that luxury cruise
In paradise

We just stayin' afloat till our ship comes in
Keepin' our heads above water
Stayin' afloat till our ship comes in
We're holdin' on to each other

You could've married for money
I could've married this dream inside
But we're two go getters swimmin' together
In the stream of life

They say it's never been harder
Makin' this leap keepin' love alive
Now we're up to our necks
Bills outnumber the checks
But our love survives



Come On In (You Did The Best You Could Do)


I dreamed I was dying in Texas
I closed my eyes and I sighed
Like a black and white movie I saw my days
Playing out before my eyes
I was crippled by a life of injustice
I was bent from walking into the wind
I pled guilty on the day of judgment
God just shook my hand and grinned
And He said

Come on in
You did the best that you could do
There's a little bit of right in every wrong
There's a little bit of Me in you

Sister I know that you're weary
You've been slaving in the sun all day
The burden of life in your belly
Sorrow in your heart of clay
Your husband was a man of passion
And passion stole your husband away
And your son gave his life for your freedom
But you feel like a prisoner anyway

I left my home and my family
Put my shoes in the dust of this land
Found a job and a woman
But nothing went the way I planned
I was ambushed by my own good intentions
Used up every dollar I earned
So I went back to the home of my father
Said your American son has returned
Dad, your American son has returned
He said,



Step On Out


My baby don't take prisoners
She leaves the walkin' wounded for the other girl
She's a spark in the dark out on the back lot
Shoot you down if you give her a whirl

Seems like she's seen it all before
What she hasn't seen she's heard of
So keep your secrets hid
I got my heart out on my sleeve and an eye on the door

I'm gonna step on out
I'm a tramp all over this town for a dime a dance
I'm gonna step on out
And she's front page news in her dancin' shoes
Screamin' head-liner romance

My baby dances for life
She's a sidewalk ballerina
Takes it all in stride
Just a New York City lady's
Only sin is pride


Thanks to Jim Story for his assistance on these lyrics