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Street Gospel Lyrics


King Jesus

All the armies of the world will someday gather
And they'll pass before the great reviewing stand
And they'll beat their swords and weapons into plowshares
And the Prince Of Peace shall give the last command

When King Jesus comes to live with us again
He will show His righteous love to every man
Wars and strife will all be past
There'll be peace on Earth at last
When King Jesus comes to live with us again

Unobscured the sun will drive away the shadows
At the dawning of that great eternal day
And there'll be no sounds of crying in the ghetto
For all grief and pain and death shall pass away



Lord Stay Near To Me

Sometimes I search and never seem to find
A place for peace within my tangled mind
Trials take hold and will not set me free
Then my troubled soul cries out, Lord stay near to me

Stay near to me Lord when friends turn me away
When the darkness deepens shadows lead astray
I'll not fear tomorrow for my prayer shall be
Through smiles and sorrow, Lord stay near to me

When I have drawn my final fleeting breath
When at last these eyes have closed in death
And as I walk across that troubled sea
Through the darkest hours, Lord stay near to me



Who Is It Building That Boat

As it was in the days of Noah
So shall the end of time be
This warning comes down from Heaven
God sent it to you and to me
And as I look around me
I get a lump in my throat
You tell me there is plenty of time
But who is it building that boat

Who is it building that boat
Oh Lord I hope it will float
I can hear God saying that's all she wrote
Who is it building that boat

Tonight there'll be parties and laughing
Tomorrow we might all die
As as I look around me
I keep one eye on the sky
For according to all conditions
The sheep will part from the goat
I want to go with the Shepherd my friend
And who is it building that boat



While I'm Here

In this world my time is oh so short
Here today tomorrow I'll depart
While I'm here just let me live and pray
Let me live rejoicing everyday

While I'm here please help me understand
Help me love not hate my fellow man
Cause this war within my heart to cease
Make my life an instrument of peace

While I'm here the time flies away
One more minute one more hour one more day
Just one thought a word a final deed
Then my life down here would be complete
Make my life an instrument of peace



Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt

With so many things in life I'm uncertain
And so often have to answer I don't know
But just recently I got a hold of something
That I'm sure of for it dwells within my soul

|I can look you in the eye and say He changed me
Beyond the shadow of a doubt I know He saved me
No more think so guess so maybe for I know so
Beyond the shadow of a doubt He's here right now

There's no question in my mind it really happened
I'm assured of His great power more each day
I don't have to wonder if I've been forgiven
Life is different now since I found the way



I Believe In Jesus (I Believe In Music)

Jesus is the universal language and love is the key
To brotherhood peace and understanding and living in harmony
So take your brother by the hand and sing along with me
And find out what it really means to be young and free

I believe in Jesus
I believe in love

I could just go around praising Jesus all day long
Long as I'm praising Jesus I can do no one wrong
And who knows maybe someday I can dome up with a song
Make people want to stop talking 'bout fighting
Just long enough to get along

Jesus is love and love is Jesus if you know what I mean
People who believe in Jesus are the happiest people I've ever seen
So clap your hands stomp your feet and shake your tambourine
Life your voices to the sky 'cause God loves you when you sing



He Never Said A Word

Many times I walked away from Jesus
Thinking my plans were better and time was my own
But each moment I spent searching
I know His heart was broken yet He loved me still
And when my life had failed and I was hopeless
There was only one place one place to go
And for the first time I'm sure He was happy
And I'm sure He smiled at me

But He never said a word about the way I treated Him
And yet He welcomed me as though I were His closest friend
Had He refused me I'd be living my life in misery
But I'm happy now and for my past He has never said a word




My mama told me when I was a baby child
I don't want you on the streets at night running wild
For the people of the night can turn your head aside
And lead you from the fold of the sanctified

Sanctified in soul and spirit
Sanctified within your mind
You'll find life within the darkness
If you're living sanctified

Without my really knowing time just slipped away
And the wages of my life left me with debts to pay
For I found that you must have love to keep you satisfied
But the love I found was not the kind that sanctified

Well it's many years I've wandered since I left my home
And it's many roads I've traveled lost and all alone
But I've found that the way I'm taking is just a one-way ride
And the sinners of the world are never sanctified



Yea Though I Walk

If tomorrow my life should be through
If my path should find more heartaches in view
If there's trouble there waiting for me
Maybe death maybe pain but let them be

Yea though I walk through the valley
New strength is mine with each step I take
Yea though I walk through the valley
I won't fear for He'll brighten my way

There's a dark dark hour of despair
In that hour we'll need someone to care
Jesus promised that He would be our guide
I'll close my eyes then I'll feel His hand in mine



Take My Hand

Come on and walk with me, come on and walk with me
Come on and walk with me, come on and walk with me
Jesus take my hand precious Lord help me understand
When darkness falls I want to take my stand
Precious Lord take my hand, take my hand

I know a man and His name is Jesus
He washed away my sins
He started life as a lowly carpenter
Ended up a fisher of man
He came along and passed out His glory
Cleansed my dirty soul
Blessed Jesus take my hand
Help me make myself, help me make myself
Help me make myself whole