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Thanks Lyrics


The Joy Of Knowing Jesus

Oh the angels rejoiced when my soul made the choice
To kneel down in prayer and find Jesus there
Then my name was inscribed in the Lamb's Book Of Life
And since that day I've been in His care

As the Spirits now pleads take account of your deeds
Can you really say you are happy today
If this Savior you'll find you will have peace of mind
For Jesus bore all our sins that day

Oh the joy of knowing Jesus
And to walk in His love divine
When at death I must cross over Jordan's banks
I shall cross with His hand in mine



Reunion In Heaven

What a wonderful time we'll have up in Glory
With our Blessed Redeemer forever we'll see
And a crown He will give on the great judgment morning
What a happy reunion in Heaven will be

So often down here we'll have a reunion
Our friends and our loved ones will be gathered around
Some faces are missed, they have gone on to glory
They will be there with Jesus when the trumpet shall sound



Love Thy Neighbor

In this world in which we're livin'
There's not enough forgivin'
Our first concern seems to be ourselves
For God's love to be fulfilling
Then we must be willing
To love thy neighbor as thyself

When you practice what you're preachin'
Souls for God you're reachin'
Love thy neighbor is God's command
If your sins have been forgiven
And your heart to God you've given
You'll love and trust your fellow man

Help me Lord when I'm tried, help me Lord when I'm defied
Thy Holy Word shows victors everyday
For I am just a mortal man
I need your guiding hand
To live and love the Christian way



Sheltered In The Arms Of God

I feel the touch of hands so warm and tender
They're leading me in paths that I must trod
I'll have no fear for Jesus walks beside me
And I'm sheltered in the arms of God

So let the storms rage high
And dark clouds rise
They don't worry me
For I'm sheltered safe within the arms of God
He walks with me
And naught of earth can harm me
For I'm sheltered in the arms of God

Soon I shall hear the call from Heaven's portals
Come home my child
It's the last mile you must trod
I'll fall asleep but I'll wake in God's New Heaven
And I'll be sheltered in the arms of God



I'm On The Right Road Now


Well I searched and I searched for a place where I could find a peace of mind
No peace no peace could I find oh no
Then I looked to the sky
I said Lord please hear this sinner's cry
And He did, yes He did hear my cry oh yeah

Well I'm on the right road now
I'm on the right road now
He turned me around
That's when He placed my feet on solid ground
And I'm on, hallelujah, I'm on the right road now oh yeah



Just Like Jesus


There's a story brave and tender
About a man who lives forever
He marked the path that every man should walk in
And then He said now follow Me

I wanna walk tall and straight and unafraid
Be kind and sweet to all I meet
I wanna be just like Jesus
Wanna be just like Jesus
Wanna be just like Jesus everyday

Walk the way the road is winding
Eternal treasure I'll be finding
I'll see His face and I shall then be like Him
For I shall see Him as He is



Jesus Is A Soul Man


Soul man, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
And I'm sure sold on Him

Oh they say that He's a square
That Jesus, He ain't nowhere
I know better, He lives in my heart
Jesus is a soul man

You can find Him in the Bible pages
Jesus, He's the rock of ages
He hides me in the cleft of the rock
Jesus is a soul man

He calms the waves when the storm is ragin'
Keeps me safe when the devil's ravin'
He's my staff, He's my sword and my shield
Jesus is a soul man

Shadrach, Meshach, Abendego
The king said, In the fire they must go
He found out that the fire wouldn't burn 'em
They were saved by the soul man



He Is Mine And I Am His


Now I know that He is mine and I'm His forever
He is leading me along the way
He'll be holding to my hand when I cross death's river
He will take the sting of death away

Tis so sweet to know I have Jesus with me
He will keep me from sin and from strife
He delivered me from condemnation
Now I have eternal life



Mama's Hungry Eyes


A canvas covered cabin in a crowded labor camp
Stands out in this memory I revile
'Cause my daddy raised a family there with two hard working hands
And tried to feed my mamas hungry eyes

He dreamed of something better and my mama's faith was strong
But us kids were just to young to realize
That another class of people put us somewhere just below
One more reason for my mama's hungry eyes

Mama never had the luxury she wanted
But it wasn't 'cause my daddy didn't try
She only wanted things she really needed
One more reason for my mama's hungry eyes

Oh I remember my daddy praying for a better way of life
But I don't recall a change of any size
Just a little loss of courage as their age began to show
And more sadness in my mama's hungry eyes



Don't Scatter The Sheep


Lost sheep are wandering out in the cold
Into the wilderness far from the fold
Where are the shepherds are they asleep
Wake up you shepherds
Don't scatter the sheep

With love go and get them
To Jesus give
He'll feed and bind the broken
They then can live
He'll water the thirsty
The lambs He will keep
Make haste you shepherds
Don't scatter the sheep

You heal not the sick ones
Feed not the flocks
Bind not the broken
Bruised on the rocks
You feed your own family
The best you do keep
Woe be to shepherds
Who scatter the sheep





Thanks (thank you Jesus) I'm thanking Jesus everyday
Thanks (thank you Jesus) well Lord hear me when I pray
I don't have to be afraid He's always there to light the way
I'm thanking Jesus everyday

Many many times I would not listen to His call
He was always there but I would not give Him my all
And then one day I turned His way
And He was there to hear me when I prayed

Oh Lord please hear my prayer
Oh Lord won't you hear my prayer



Jesus Is Coming Soon (Live)

'Jesus Is Coming Soon' originally appeared on It's Happening