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Unstoppable Lyrics


Heaven Bound (I'm Ready)

Another day, same old grind
A tired body and a tired mind
The whistle blows and then Iím free
Itís like an angel calling me

And Iím ready, Iím ready
Itís 5 oíclock and Iím heaven bound
Iím ready, Iím ready
Itís 5 oíclock and Iím heaven bound
Bound, bound, bound

Well I swear that this old truck
Is like a golden chariot
Itís got a short bed and a long loan
But itís surely gonna carry me home

Been a long day and Iíve worked so hard
Now Iím going to my final reward yeah
Itís purely love and I just canít wait
To be standing at the pearly gate

Iím gonna leave that weary work day world behind
When I look in your eyes that heavenly lightís gonna shine



When It Comes To You

Iím a little bit wild, a little bit crazy when it comes to you
Iím a little bit wild, a little bit crazy over you
I donít know why I love you baby like I do

When it comes to you I just ainít myself
What I might do next is hard to tell
Ainít no stopping me when it comes to you

Donít care how long it might take me
I ainít giving up
I feel so strong about you baby
Gonna win your love



Change My Mind


I donít want to lose you
But even a fool could see
Everyday your love is slipping
A little bit further away from me
So Iíll be the one to say goodbye
'Cause your heartís already gone
Pack my bags and take the midnight train
Unless you say Iím wrong

Change my mind
Say you couldnít live without me
Say youíre crazy about me
With a look, with a touch
Change my mind
Iím looking in your eyes
For the love we left behind
Itís not too late to change my mind

Somethingís come between us
Itís not another lover
One night we just stopped
Trying to please each other
So if itís really over
Why canít I walk away
Tell me Iím making a big mistake
Beg me to stay

Give me half a reason
To give it one more try
We could leave this leaving behind



Your Love Made Me This Way


I looked high, I looked low
Always searching for love
Well I try in my soul
But I just couldnít give up
Then one night so deep
I stepped into paradise
With a smile that's so sweet
You put love into my life

Now Iím so happy, feel like singing
Children laughing, bells are ringing
Feels like heaven, Iím in clover
Sweet as honey, can't get over
Now you gave me the sunshine
Made it brighter each day
So Iíll tell everybody thatíll listen to me
Your love made me this way

Well each day when I rise
I start out thinking of you
Thereís no gray in my sky
It stays eternally blue
When the sun sinks low
Iím not alone in the dark
There's a sunny glow
That you put into my heart



If I Were You

Youíve got it made, youíve got real love
Something you donít find every day
But you come and go as free as the wind blows
I wouldnít settle down too soon if I were you

If I were you Iíd be satisfied
I'm sure the grass is greener on the other side
If I were you Iíd stay by her side
Iíd be running wild, I would never leave her
Thatís what I would do if I were you

Youíve got it made, youíve got no one
You donít have no strings to tie you down
Oh but someone to trust, someone to lean on
Thatís something I would hold on to if I were you

O ho, If I were you
Iíd know what I would do
If I were in your shoes
O ho, If I were you
Oh Iíd be running wild
But every night Iíd be satisfied
I wouldnít change one single thing
If I were you



Walkin' After Midnight

I go out walking after midnight
In the moonlight just like we used to do
Iím always walking after midnight
Searching for you

I walk for miles along the highway
That is my way of being close to you
I go out walking after midnight
Searching for you

I stop to see a weeping willow
Crying on his pillow
Maybe heís crying for me
And as the sky turns gloomy
Night winds whisper to me
Iím lonesome as I can be

I go out walking after midnight
In the starlight
Just hoping you may be
Out there walking after midnight
Searching for me



Lucky Moon

I was there in the very next room
She thought I was down the hall
She was talking on the phone like women do
She didnít know I could hear at all

I heard her say to her very best friend
He doesnít love me like he did back then
She said lately Iíve been so alone
So tomorrow morning Iíll be gone

Lucky moon stay out tonight, sunlight stay away
Iíve got one more chance to make things right
Weíve gotta make her want to stay
Itís up to me and you, lucky moon

Made reservations at her favorite restaurant
Candle light and expensive wine
Tryin' to let her know that sheís the one that I want
Gotta show her while Iíve still got time

I canít believe how stupid Iíve been
God knows I love her like I did back then
Better take to heart her warning
Somehow change her mind by morning

First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I pray she might
Find a little magic in the moonlight



In A Tender Moment


5 oíclock this morning
The night is giving in
I come home without warning
And quietly let myself in
And as I watch you sleeping
I see the trace of a smile
I know that Iím in your dreams somewhere
And that you still care

And in a tender moment like this
When all I can hear is your breathing
In a tender moment like this
You know youíve got me believing
That loving you is all there is
In a tender moment like this

Seven days that Iíve been away
Are seven too many for me
But you know that Iíve got to play
Itís me theyíre paying to see
And as I watch you sleeping
You slowly open your eyes

That crowd fades to a distant roar
And Iím home once more

All of my life Iíve been burning
With a fire thatís swept me along
But now I would trade every song, every place
For this one moment alone



Love This Cat

Yeah, you got me itching babe
Iím scratching like a hound
Wagging your tail honey all over town
You tell me, roll over Rover
But I canít go for that
Donít you treat me like a dog baby
Love this cat

Well every time I try to pet you babe
You turn on me
Youíve got me howling at the moon
And barking up the wrong tree
Why donít you be my little kitten
Curl up on my lap
Donít you treat me like a dog baby
Love this cat

Donít you treat me like a dog
Waiting for his bone
Donít you put me on a leash
And lead me on
You got me sitting all day
I canít get enough
Well Iím a cool tomcat
This ainít no puppy love

Everybody knows that youíre a pedigree
They a come running when you whistle baby
But not me
No I wonít be your little mutt
I wont run with that pack
Donít you treat me like a dog baby
Love this cat



Baby On Board

Hey there mister in a Cadillac
Get off a my tail get off a my back
Pull on around cause I ainít gonna drive
Any faster than 55
Iíve got a sign in the window buddy canít you read
Precious cargo sitting next to me

Ooooooo baby on board
Everybody knows I take it kind a slow
With my baby on board
I want the world to see
Whoís riding next to me
Rocking in my old Ford
With my baby on board

Itís hard enough to keep it on the road
She looks so good Iím about to lose control
God only knows the way she makes me feel
Itís all I can do to keep my hand on the wheel
Well my baby wonít you take a ride
Iíll make sure to keep her satisfied

Riding high rolling down the street
Iíve got an angel here in my front seat



Our Love Is Here To Stay


They all said our love was too long a shot
If we had listened to them we wouldnít have what weíve got
I know weíve struggled all the way
But we survived to say
Our love is here to stay

Through the storms, through the nights
You and I held each other tight
Knowing the dawn was never far away
Oh through it all we have found
Our love is standing on solid ground
Itís alive and well today
Our love is here to stay

Baby looking back on where weíve been
If I had the chance Iíd do it all again
Bring on tomorrow come what may
Thereís nothing we canít face
Our love is here to stay


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks to Jim Story for his assistance on these lyrics