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Voices Lyrics


Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down


Baby when your heart breaks down
When you're low on lovin' and there isn't anybody around
Well you're gonna feel bad and you'll want to get back
The only good thing that you ever had
Honey when he turns you loose
And you keep on tryin' to forget him but it ain't no use
Then you're gonna know what I'm feeling now
Baby when your heart breaks down

I left Appaloosa and my homemade wine I give up a job on a gas pipeline
I chased you across the country like that's all I had to do
There was nothing in the world would've changed my mind
You were the girl with the starry eyes
And all them dreams that never had a chance of coming true

Well I packed my bags, I bought a guitar
I caught me a ride on an old grain barge
I'm floatin' down this river tryin' not to think of you
Now one of these days when I say goodbye
Just to see how hard you'll cry, you'll be tryin' not to want me too



Where The Sun Always Shines


She got up and made her coffee got ready for the office
Put her makeup on and prayed she wouldn't cry
He hid behind his paper he didn't want to face her
After all the stupid things they fought about last night

And all day long she wondered is it over
And all day long he said it just can't end this way
On his way home he stopped and bought some roses
And he practiced every word he had to say

For every day there is a night for every summer there's a fall
For every rose there's a thorn upon the vine
I didn't mean to hurt you girl but even in a perfect world
A little rain has got to fall from time to time
But a few little teardrops ain't gonna wash away a love as strong as yours and mine
Baby don't you know nothing ever grows where the sun always shines

They sat down on the sofa he said baby please sit closer
She reached out and took him by the hand
She said thank you for the flowers when a love's as good as ours
Sometimes you have to trust what you don't understand

All night long they were all that mattered
All night long they were lovers they were friends
All night long the rain fell on the window
And they fell in love all over again

Baby don't you know nothing's gonna grow where the sun always shines
Baby don't you know nothing's gonna grow where the sun always shines



Deep In Louisiana


Oh boy Friday's here again
Gotta wake up and get my eight hours in
I'm so tired tryin' to get to work on time
But I'm smiling cause tonight is gonna be so fine

When that cantaloupe moon starts to rise
Into a purple bayou sky
Ain't it good to be alive deep in Louisiana
Hear the fiddles playin' on through the night
Where people dance till the morning light
Proud as hell to live and die deep in Louisiana
I say deep deep in Louisiana
I say deep deep in Louisiana

Oh me how the noontime sun beats down
Oh my feel the heat rise off the ground
I keep working and the time goes dragging by
So I daydream about how it's gonna be tonight

You'll find we don't have much time for tears
And your lonely blues are just gonna disappear



Lady My Love


I know a girl who lives in old Levi's and likes to go fishing with me
And I know a lady in sexy black satin who makes me go weak in the knees
One is a friend I can turn to one is a woman I need
Baby you know who I mean

Lady my love you're soft as a whisper hard as a honky tonk band
Lady my love you're rough as my whiskers smooth to the touch of my hand
Warm morning sunshine hot midnight flame it's all the same to my heart
Lady my love lover my lady I love both the women you are

This morning I woke up and watched you beside me asleep like a sweet little girl
Then I thought back to last night when you loved me so wise in the ways of the world
I've always loved a good mystery you're one I'll never explain
There ain't one thing that I'd change

Lady my love lover my lady I love both the women you are



What'll I Do


What'll I do oh what'll I do if you stop loving me
How will I live baby you give me everything I need
I know in my heart oh every part of me is loving you
So if you stop loving me what'll I do

Too many hearts in too much trouble in this world today
They say two cross words to each other and one starts walking away
I don't want to see you and me ever fall apart
So when times get rough and the road gets rocky I always ask my heart

Now a man can have his life together and not be satisfied
But give that man the love of a woman and watch him come alive
I know it's true cause without you my world would come undone
So when I stop and count my blessings you're number one



New Orleans


He was twenty-five she was twenty-eight
He was homegrown and she'd just pulled off the interstate
She bought a Dr Pepper ten dollars worth of gas
She was obviously lost but too afraid to ask directions

So he offered her a smile and a stick of Beach Nut gum
He said where you headed to girl where you coming from
She said

New Orleans but that's another story
New Orleans that's another time that's another town that's another life

First she stayed a day then she stayed a week
Couple of months later they were living on his parents street
He worked the station and she worked the store
And then they had a baby and then they had one more, little Jesse

When she dropped the kids off at the mothers day out
All the ladies had their questions and knew not to ask about

Wednesday night supper at the first Baptist Church
Stranger standing in the door way as they're passing out the dessert
He said go on pack your bags I'm here to take you home
I'm going back to Louisiana and woman I ain't gonna go without you

There's a few defining moments in every persons life
When you know what you've done wrong and you know what you've done right
And before the congregation and her husband and her kids
She says how dare you even speak to me after everything you did in



Perfect Love


Mary was a hard one to resist
Her hair was long and her lips were made to kiss
But something was missing somewhere
I let her go I was searching for the perfect girl

Julie was truly a dream come true
She called me baby and her eyes were wild and blue
But something was missing somewhere
I let her go I was searching for the perfect girl

And I wonder how many hearts will break how many tears does it take
How many starry nights will go by how many feelings are tossed aside
How many dreams will turn to dust searching for the perfect love
I was searching for the perfect love

Finally met the one that set my soul on fire
She had everything that my heart could desire
She said I hope you understand
She let me go she was searching for the perfect man



I'd Still Be Waiting


How many hearts find the answer and how many learn what I've learned
That each chance at love is so precious when it's gone it may never return
With our eyes always on the horizon we can miss what lies at our feet
For all of our hurry and hunger only love makes us complete
If the dreams of my life all came true one by one but for you

I'd still be waiting wondering this why am I longing what have I missed
Give me the world without your love darling I know that would not be enough
I'd still be waiting

So it really won't matter what I gain or what I might lose
It would all just be smoke and illusion nothing more if I didn't have you
If your love hadn't helped me to see I know right where I would be



Old Hearts


I'd seen him there a hundred times everybody called him pop
He'd sit there on that barstool and never say a lot
But he had an eye for the ladies we'd tease him and he'd go with the flow
I said there ain't no fool like an old fool
He said there's something that you ought to know

Old hearts still fall just as hard old dreams still go just as far
And it's true that time diminishes what your chances are
But there's still a lot of love left in old hearts

He said you don't know about being old but I know about being young
I haven't forgot the words to use they're still on the tip of my tongue
And romance ain't some passing phase that only the young go through
Now if you think that I'm just wasting time I've got news for you

Then one night it happened I knew when she walked in
His eyes lit up and he tipped his hat as she looked at him and grinned
Now every time you see them out they're always holding hands
Side by side arm and arm I guess it's in God's plans



Ain't No Short Way Home


Monday morning 6 A.M gonna be a hot one again
Put some coffee in my cup got in my Chevy and saddle up

And I roll roll roll roll got another hundred miles to go
And I roll roll roll roll roll roll
I can taste your kisses see your face and the faster I go the longer it takes
And this lonely heart is a heavy load
And it's slowing me down and there ain't no short way home

Make a stop for some gasoline ain't got time to wash the windows clean
Burning highway burning tires burning oil and burning desire



If All I Had Left


Money is a prison in which I have done time
Material possessions will steal your heart blind
Love ever faithful precious and true
Is the only thing that in hard times will safely see you through

If all I had left in life was you
I'd have all I needed and when each day was through
I'd walk out in the night and thank the Good Lord up above
If all that I had left in life was you to love

Sometimes late at night a little fear creeps in
That one day I will lose what I've worked so hard to win
You come to me with kisses that ease away my doubt
Baby you're the only thing I can't live without