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  Year Of Release:  1972
      Album Name:  The Three Nails
         Media Type:  12" 33 rpm vinyl
Record Company:
  Heart Warming Records
  Catalog Number:  3113
 Song Title: 
this album is a recoding of a play
                               there is no singing on it whatsoever




Gospel Festival U. S. A. Presents "The Three Nails" - Original Cast Album Starring J. D. Sumner and Dottie Rambo Created for Drama By: J. D. Sumner,
Duane Allen, Tommy Fairchild, Donnie Sumner, and Buck and Dottie Rambo Recorded Live In Louisville, KY CAST: In Order Of Appearance:
J. D. Sumner - Josh, Dottie Rambo - Sara, Reba Rambo - Rachael, Tony Brown - Tobias, Willie Wynn - Zach, Kenny Hicmks - Luke, Mark Ellerbee -
Omar The Beggar, William Golden - Roman Centurion, Ed Enoch - Roman Soldier, Kenny Parker - Roman Soldier.  Liner Notes: You are in a time zone set back two
thousand years ago in history.  It's the time of the crucifixion of Christ. Josh, portrayed by J. D. Sumner is seen as the storekeeper that sells the objects on which the
story is based. His role is one of a cantankerous father and contrary husband of Sara. The wife, Sara, is beautifully portrayed by Dottie Rambo. Sara is Seen as a woman
of devotion to her husband and deep abiding faith. The responsibility of their two children weighs heavily with Sara and Josh. The son is a constant source of
concern -- a son with a tortured, twisted mind. This overwhelming symbolic presentation is one of doubt turning to faith. A mother's faith being answered. A man
believes and finds truth. The balancing of a tortured mind. Rachel, the loving daughter, is portrayed by Reba Rambo. Toby, her half-wit brother, is characterized by
Tony Brown. Kenny Hicks is presented in a surprise character role and Willie Wynn portrays an unwilling employee of the storekeeper. William Golden,
Ed Enoch and Kenny Parker as roman soldiers, carry out the deed they are ordered to do. You will marvel at the role Mark Ellerbee plays as the beggar. Stimulating,
and certainly not without humor, but vitally, a story of these little thought of, small, spikes of metal. old, Rusted. Bent. How large these tiny bits loom in our lives
today, because they were used 2,000 years ago at Calvary. Spikes that held our Christ to the cross and forever will hold each of us to him. In this day of megatons,
moon probes, heart transplants and gigantic forces of speed, happenings so great they are hard to comprehend, a reminder that the tiny, inconsequential seeming
nothings are of the greatest tribute. This play, an act of love, is ended with a soul rending finish. Each person in the audience is there when the Roman soldiers, acting on
a decree from Pontius Pilate, carry out the unbelievable act they are ordered to do. Each person present is a spectator on that day 2,000 years ago as the final sounds of the
crucifixion day echo through to now. Narration of this deepest despair, backed with the Gospel Festival Band, the combined voices in chorus, the use of especially
created sound tracks with uniquely designing lighting effects are the final touches of this presentation. These are only words to describe the endeavor this new feature
is bringing. The opportunity to see each of these talents, separately, and joining is a spiritual experience that will continue to sustain each person present by
a simple reflection of what you will experience when you are a part of "The Three Nails", ------ From the first seeds and concept, through the meetings and decisions,
the preparations and rehearsals of "Gospel Festival! U. S. A" to bring you a program that was entertaining in content, one of excellence in preparation and one of
spiritual uplift. Our Thoughts and prayers have been those that would enable us to present you a message in gospel music in the finest, most professional manner with
the message of the drama, "The Three Nails" dedicated to you in the remembrance of Christ. It is our sincere wish that your joining with us for this evening has been one
of enjoyment, fellowship and spiritual endowment. The Rambos, J. D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys.