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20 All Time Gospel Greats

1995 Sony Special Music

Greatest Hits Compilation - Golden, Allen, Sterban, Bonsall

1. The Baptism of Jesse Taylor
2. Loves Me Like A Rock
3. Why Me
4. Rhythm Guitar
5. There Must Be A Better Way
6. Freedom For The Stallion
7. Heaven Bound
8. He's Gonna Smile On Me
9. Where The Soul Never Dies
10. Family Reunion
11. He
12. You Happened To Me
13. Put Your Arms Around Me Blessed Jesus
14. What A Time We Will Have Over There
15. Lord I've Been Ready For Years
16. When I Sing For Him
17. Give Me A Star
18. We Gotta Love One Another
19. Sailing Toward Home
20. Jesus Knows Who I Am