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Favorites 3 CD Set

1994 MCA Special Products

Greatest Hits Compilation - Golden, Allen, Sterban, Bonsall
This is a repackaging of 'Room Service', 'Have Arrived' and 'American Made'.

1. If You Can't Find Love
2. But I Do
3. Calling Baton Rouge
4. It Could Have Been Ten Years Ago
5. Lots Of Matchbooks
6. If There Were Only Time For Love
7. Cryin' Again
8. I'll Be True To You
9. Come On In
10. Lay Down Your Sword And Shield
11. I Can Love You
12. Sail Away
13. There Must Be Something About Me That She Loves
14. Sometimes The Rain Won't Let Me Sleep
15. I Gotta Get Over This
16. My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me
17. Dream On
18. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight
19. Every Now And Then
20. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
21. Dancing The Night Away
22. Love Song
23. She's Not Just Another Pretty Face
24. Amity
25. You're The One
26. Down The Hall
27. American Made
28. Any Old Time You Choose
29. Heart On The Line (Operator, Operator)
30. You Made It Beautiful
31. I'm So Glad To Be Standing Here Today